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Divorce Update: Sorry for the Memory Hole treatment.

JB and I met up on Saturday to discuss terms for an uncontested divorce, which is the quickest and easiest way for us to get divorced…not to mention, it’s the least expensive.

Even though the state of Tennessee could give two shits about a couple who divorces after less than a year of marriage, JB has been very cooperative and helpful, and we’ve come up with some solutions that will hopefully ensure that I will be able to survive for the next few months while I try to find a job and a new place to live.

He met with his lawyer on Monday, and the document is currently being drawn up – I pick up my copy at that point, and take it to my lawyer to read and review.  That’s cheaper than paying a retainer, that’s for damned sure.

Whenever my lawyer’s done reviewing, and I sign it, then JB signs it, his lawyer will file, and about 60 days later, I will officially be divorced.


Can I just say how humiliating it feels to only have been married for 11.5 months?  Like, he left me two weeks before our first anniversary (which is this coming Sunday).  I can’t help but feel like kind of a loser, even though this is for the best for both parties.

Part of the reason I was kind of reluctant to get married was because I’ve been a two-time child of divorce.

Also?  I’m now a fat, single chick.


12 comments to Divorce Update: Sorry for the Memory Hole treatment.

  • Meh. I don’t blame you for throwing that stuff down the memory hole. Best of luck beginning the next phase of your life.

  • I agree with Jennifer. Ultimately this can be a good thing if you let it be so. John Ross of Unintended Consequences fame noted:

    “If you are a [person] who aspires to a healthy, lasting marriage, actor Ernest Borgnine should be your role model. He has now been married to his wife Tova Borgnine, a cosmetics entrepreneur, for over three decades. I suspect they are happy with each other. Why do I suspect he’s happy and hasn’t been enduring a bad marriage as so many others are? Because Borgnine’s earlier marriage to Ethel Merman lasted less than five weeks! What if he had stayed married (unhappily) to Ethel for a decade or so? I suspect his life would be worse than it is now. If you are unhappy with the things your [spouse] does, it’s not going to improve. End it now and have more time left to find the right [man] and have a good relationship with [him].”

  • Loser? Bullshit.

    Hang in there.

  • George

    What David said, above. 50% of marriages fail. Does that make 50% of people losers? Of course not.
    Don’t dwell on the past, make positive plans for your future. And live in today. And, know there’s a bunch of us ‘net dwellers out here pulling for you. Take care of yourself! gfa

  • If it has to happen, fast and less painful is better than slow and painful. Hope things turn around for you sooner rather than later.

  • Chin up. There are people who care about you greatly.

  • Well, you could join the Navy. [Runs away, dodging and jinking.]

  • Sorry to hear that, hang in there.

  • Loser? Not hardly. You will do just fine, I have absolutely no doubt about it.

  • Rush Baby

    And I’m still a fatass in Crook County that cannot have any weapons.

    Besides it could be worse…. You could be Barack Obama!

  • I’m so sorry, Bonnie . . . *HUGS*

  • I can’t help but feel like kind of a loser, even though this is for the best for both parties.

    These things happen. It doesn’t make you a loser. Good luck with everything moving forward.