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Doctor and life update: wooooooooo.

Because I only have a couple of months left of support from JB regarding my health expenses, I made a doctor’s appointment to see if I could get them to give me some extended prescriptions to keep me from having to come in unless I absolutely have to.

In the process, I actually ended up changing quite a few of my medications.

It cost over $150 to fill the prescriptions, which is kind of a record for me, because normally I can get away with spending $60 or less.

While I was talking to the doctor about what was going on, I started crying, which I hate.  I hate looking like I’m trying to manipulate, even though I still have a valid reason for being upset.  I mean, I’m getting divorced.  Some things are still really uncertain.  So…yeah.  I cried.

I don’t know if it was the crying, or the fact that I’ve finally gotten the knack of explaining things well to my doctors, but I was able to take away medication that will actually help with my cramps, among other things.

I’ve taken all of my meds already (5 hours ago, actually), and while I’m having some trouble focusing my eyes, the only perk I’m having right now is that I’m pretty much pain-free at the moment.

This?  Is a big deal.


I had a job interview on Tuesday morning that turned into a comedy of errors.  I was told to drive up to Dyersburg (one hour) to meet with my interviewer, but when I called the office to find out where the hell he was, I was told that he was in Covington.

I thought, “Well, this is a good impression.  He’s going to think I’m retarded.”

I drove back and arrived at the ACTUAL interview, and it went really well.  The job doesn’t pay as well as I’d like (it’s between $9-11 per hour…I’ll get $11 because of my degree and office experience, but still), because I need to be able to find a place to live, move, and survive here in Covington.  There aren’t any apartments for rent around here, nor are there houses for rent other than the one I’m in, and JB has pretty much decided that he’s going to move in after I leave.  That’s a whole other can of worms that I’d rather not get into, but needless to say, it’s kind of screwed me over a bit.

Anyway, the job description on the Randstad website categorized it as “legal”, so I figured I was interviewing for a position at a law firm.  I’ve done it before, I enjoyed parts of it, and I need a job, so why not, right?

The thought of this makes me laugh so hard, but it turns out that the job is being the office secretary (i.e. running the place as far as I can, legally) for a bail bondsman.  A BAIL BONDSMAN.  One of the things they’re looking for is someone with a backbone, who can be nice to folks while also not giving in to their demands, or can kick them out if they’re being abusive in any way.

Considering that I’d like to get my MS in Mental Health Counseling, I have experience in law firms and with manual labor and filing, this sounds right up my alley for the time being.

I would have to probably find a roommate to stay with for the time being.  I’m going to ask around here, but ultimately (and stupidly), it would be cheaper for me to buy a house than to rent one.  Real estate is so stupid right now.

Anyway, I’m falling asleep randomly, so I guess I’ll officially call it a night.

I’m going to be okay.  I have some potentially good medicine, my mom is here to help me pack some things up that I don’t need for a while, and I just got a new laptop (the old one was destroyed by my cat).  I can move my recumbent bike by the front window, so I can get sunshine AND watch a movie to keep myself occupied.  I have my real bike here, and after airing up the tires, it should be ready to roll before it gets too cold here.


I don’t want to get folks TOO excited, but I’m thinking that my hiatus from the podcast might be coming to and end sooner.  Thoughts?

Good night/morning, everyone!

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