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Thank You Video Number One (Yes, this is me, talking.)

I had to take a Valium to do this.  THAT’S how much I love you guys.  Or Valium.  Whichever.  Anyway, here’s the video:

(Note:  I meant to say that I never check MYSPACE…clearly, I’m all over Facebook.)

7 comments to Thank You Video Number One (Yes, this is me, talking.)

  • George

    GOOD FOR YOU! Your snark is coming to the surface!

    • It’s never far from the surface. Especially when I’m bitter, which I have reason to be right now. My dad pointed out that I wasn’t crying nearly as much as other people would in my situation…I told him that the snarky part of my brain wouldn’t let me…lol.

  • So brave. Don’t ever give that up. It’s quite obvious, from the comments, that you get that people care about you. As a fellow gunnie, I look forward to your continued updates. You are so down to earth, it seems and so real. Please keep them coming. Oh.. you look great on camera too!

    If you need another Facebook friend, you have my email. You can find me. I tend to keep that part of myself distant from my blog, but I’m always willing to give a shoulder.

    • The video was brave? Or I’m brave? Dude, I’m scared shitless, but I’m getting done what I can do, and I’m getting mucho help along the way.

      I will keep blogging and updating about this as long as I am able. There are things I legally cannot post, but everything else is fair game.

      Gah. The camera…the only thing I’ll say about that is that I appear to have lost a few pounds this past week, and I hope it keeps going that way (though, as I noted, healthfully).

      I totally stalked and added you on Facebook.

  • I wasn’t aware anyone used myspace anymore.