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Parodies – good for the soul, I suppose.

I had several songs that were played at my wedding to Wasband, and they all meant a lot to me.

I hated it that those songs were associated with him, so I started singing different lyrics to the same music.

This is the first one I’ve written down (to the tune of “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart” sung by Judy Garland):

Dear, when you looked at me,

And said that you believed,

We’d both be better apart,

Something inside of me

Raged against your machine,

You’ve made a stone of my heart.

‘Twas like a twisted swing,

Ropes turning, dizzying,

From gripping, my hands were scarred.

I fell, you stepped aside,

You said you had your pride,

Now you’ve made a stone of my heart.

You tell me you love me again,

Then my fingers clench again…

But you’re not worth it,

Even though I want to hurt you.  (note: the word “kill” was here first.  i thought it best to change it.)

I still recall the thrill.

I guess I always will.

I hoped it never would part.

But now you’ve shown to me,

You’re sick and cowardly.

You’ve made a stone of my heart.

Maybe one day I’ll sing this somewhere.  For now, it actually makes me smile.  I’ve turned the song into something that helps me distance myself from him, and I am now able to enjoy the original.  Perhaps I’ll post the other two here in the future.  I’m not sure, yet.

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