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Uh, hi.

So, I totally intended to write a long post about everything that’s been going on and whatnot, blahblahblah, but my battery in my car has died (I could kill the person who wired the non-stock radio directly to the damned power system, so it NEVER TURNS OFF), I found out today that I didn’t get a job I wanted and was really qualified for, and my stepmother has decided, for some reason, that she has no interest in even being friendly to me whatsoever these past few days.

Also, that who “divorce” thing is on my mind a lot, and there are moments when I feel physical pain when I think about it.  They’re mostly related to how stupid I feel about things that I am not at liberty to discuss here, but that I will say that I know they’re not my fault, I know there’s nothing I could have done to predict this in the beginning, blahblahblah.  Etc.

On the good end of things, I have a job interview for a preschool next week (no, seriously, I would be working with toddlers all day, every day), I have a doctor’s appointment that same day to talk about my blood pressure and panic attacks (the former being that I woke up early this week with a BP of 120/105, and that shit is just NOT RIGHT, and it’s continued to be fucked up), and I will be discussing next steps with my lawyer at the beginning of the next week.

I was supposed to go to the house I’d shared with Wasband and pick up stuff this weekend, but the dead car battery has kind of put a damper on those plans.  I NEED to go, but I may just have to put it off until after the weekend…like, once I purchase a new battery and figure out how to disconnect the stupid radio without killing something else electrical in my car.

So that’s cool.  Nothing like someone ruining your plans without you ever seeing or talking to them (he chose the car…that’s the last time I defer to a guy I’m in a relationship with when it comes to vehicles).

In other news, I have more socks than I know what  do with, I’m living in my dad’s attic, and I spend my nights watching episodes of Daria and House that I procured in a TOTALLY LEGAL way *cough*.

Oh!  And going up and down the stairs approximately 12 times per day has done something good, because I can cross my legs like a woman now.  I was having to resort to being all butch ‘n’ shit for a while, because my legs had gotten so fat.  AND I carried my 5-year-old sleeping nephew down the stairs this evening without fearing for either of our lives.

That’s all I have time for.  Fokker out.

18 comments to Uh, hi.

  • George

    You’re putting one foot in front of the other (apparently better now, with skinnier legs!), and you are confronting stuff and dealing with it. GOOD FOR YOU! As for we, your minions, thanks for the update, but don’t feel obligated. You have more important things on your plate. Take care…

  • “and figure out how to disconnect the stupid radio without killing something else electrical in my car.”

    If it helps, there is most likely only a single wire going to the radio. Some radios have all of the wire connections in a bundle with a connector at the end that can be pulled from the back of the radio.

    • It’s not stock, so I’m really not sure what to do with it. I know engine parts, but electrical stuff always perplexes me. I’m afraid of blowing my car up for some inexplicable reason.

  • Ah. Single POWER wire is what I meant to say.

  • Baby steps ;) I haven’t seen Daria in years, totally hilarious show.

    • Teeeeeensy little baby steps. :-)

      I LOVE DARIA. I have the entire show, and I’m watching it one episode at a time, which has been great. Some of them cut off in weird places, but for the most part, nothing important is missing. Do you want me to send you a copy?

  • pdb

    Look up your make and model and year, yank out the stereo and wire it up right. It’s all just wires. :)

    • It’s a non-stock radio with a 10-CD changer in the back that is missing the part that, you know, actually holds the CDs. The display on the radio never turns off…it’s a bright green light. That’s all I know. I’m not going anywhere further without someone WITH ME who knows electric car stuff, because I have a fear of messing with electrical stuff unless I know EXACTLY what’s going where. And I don’t know that with this car, and that guide, unfortunately, isn’t going to help me.

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  • Sigivald

    Violent: There should be two wires (trickle for the clock, and main power) – I suspect the Idjit who wired it up just put *both* to the battery… possibly *directly*, if we’re going to posit that level of incompetence.

    • The clock is on the dash, and it’s an analog (quaint!), but still wired to the battery. I have no idea what the moron who installed the radio did, but I’m going to have to have someone who knows something about car electronics with me if I’m going to try to change anything.

  • Stair therapy = good. Losing excess weight has all sorts of physical and mental benefits outside of the obvious ones.

    As for your electrical system, this is crying out for you to take pics of the situation and post them so knowledgeable internet types can tell you exactly what to do, for free. Kind of like having the bomb expert on the phone telling you what wire to snip, although that’s probably a bad example.

    • I would, but my car’s engine is GIGANTIC, and then there’s the CD system in the back.

      Hell…maybe I’ll try for a laugh. And for something to do.

      And thanks again.

  • psychonanny

    snip, snip, snip.

    i’m all for just yanking.

  • Harp1034

    Keep going up and down the stairs. It is already helping.

    • It is! I’m officially in the 230’s as far as weight goes, and I know that I’m losing weight slowly because my leg muscles are building up. And I DO feel better, even though the constant pain is still there…it’s just not as intense. After a long day, yeah, I’m still wiped out…but it’s only for ONE day, as opposed to three.