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Radio Silence

Not that I post a lot, anyway, but just to let you know, if you miss me on Facebook, Twitter, or anything else, I’m going back to The House of Horrors (THoH) to pack up more of my stuff to bring here to my dad’s house.  I will be absent from teh intarwebs from this evening through Saturday evening.

Some good news:  I have an audition in an hour to be in a smallish singing group that’s local to Germantown (between Collierville and Memphis).  I don’t really have any music ready, because literally ALL of my music books are at THoH, but it seems like it’s really informal and friendly, so I’ll just sing a few things from memory, do my “warm-ups” and “sight-reading” and be on my merry way…

…to be fingerprinted for my new job.

Yes, I got a job!!!!!

I’m going to be a pre-school teacher to 2-year-olds (there will be six of them in my class), and I start on January 4th.  I have my oldest sister (who’s only 30…when does “oldest” and “eldest” begin to get weird?) to thank…she works there, too, and will be in a room right next to mine.  Heh.  I get to try to potty-train and change diapers while keeping 6 children amused, and try to teach them number, color, and letter recognition and work on their motor skills.  I should get a webcam.  That would be hilarious.

(Note to anyone from that company who comes across this blog:  I AM NOT GOING TO GET A WEBCAM.  Thank  you for your time.)


There’s some not-so-good news regarding my pain management (they called Darvocet off of the market because of some heart issues it causes.  EL OH EL, Y’ALL), and I’ve been put on a THIRD anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication to help me deal with the sudden explosions of O GOD MY LIFE WTF IS GOING ON OMG WHAT DO I DO that happen from time to time.

HOWEVER, there is also good news: I’ve officially lost nearly 20 pounds since Bennett left me.  I was around 255 when he left, and I’m now 236, as of this morning.  Ten pounds per month isn’t bad at all, considering it started because I stopped eating for a while.

I have a few more things to pack up, and then I get to go try to keep my head held high, my shoulders back, my jaw relaxed, and my nasal cavity open.

I’m listening to my stepbrother and his girlfriend do that “I love you!” “No, I love YOU!” “No, no…I love YOU!” thing in the other room (over speaker phone), so I’m going to cut this short and get out of here before I get diabetes.

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