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If the first few days of the New Yew year are any indication…

…I’m in for just as much fun this year.

The reason I haven’t been posting or updating is because there is OMG SO MUCH GOING ON, and I wouldn’t be able to START telling the story without telling the WHOLE story.  That’s a lot of typing.

My stepmom decided that being a monumental bitch to me about my disorder was the way to go during dinner tonight by saying, “So, how’s starting work tomorrow going to affect you sleeping all day?”

That’s pretty much all I can share with you that doesn’t involve a huge pre-story.

I will note, however, that I don’t sleep all day.  I take lots of naps.  It’s all I can do.

Since I have to join the working world tomorrow, I need to go to bed and try to sleep, despite my uber-shitty evening.

Hope you’re all having a better New Year than I am.

3 comments to If the first few days of the New Yew year are any indication…

  • youmom

    i’m spending the evening at tom’s, in case you needed to talk you should call after 9 or 10.

  • Well, Bonnie, I thought I would say hello since your new year got off on a bad footing. It need not be an omen, however. I prefer to hope for the best. I hope you can too.

    Much love and good, positive thoughts,

  • Sounds like “stepmom” does not really have a clue. Congratulations on job. Anyway to avoid the negativity? I am proud of your accomplishments and heck…..I don’t even know you. So, from a mama and a grandmama….I am proud of you for doing what you can do. Don’t listen to the losers.