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And then, all of a sudden…

So, on Super Bowl Sunday, I was with Kevin on our way to a “party” (consisting of people sitting around and smoking, eating pizza, and passing around a 5-week-old baby…yes, SMOKING around a baby), and I got a call from my stepmom.

She basically told me that moving out ASAP would be greeeeeeat, thanks.

In other words, I’ve been kicked out of my dad’s house.  Again.

Quick thinking (and talking) on Kevin’s part, and I have a room in his dad’s house, which is where Kevin is staying for upkeep purposes.

I move tomorrow evening, probably returning on Sunday to get stuff that I may have missed/forgotten, or that wouldn’t fit on the first trip.  Like my recumbent and street bikes.

I’m still job-hunting, and this doesn’t count as me “zomg moving in with” Kevin.  It just worked out that way, and neither one of us is complaining, especially me.

Closing doors, opening windows…yeah, that’s kind of my life.


I take my car in on Monday to have the windshield wiper motor replaced, and the light on the control dash (i.e. where the speedometer and whatnot are located) checked and possibly replaced, as well.

It’s likely I won’t get my car back until Wednesday morning…and I have to be in Tunica (over an hour away) by 10:45am for my Lyme doctor appointment.

My credit card is going to be yelling bloody murder at me, but I don’t have the money to do these things without it.  I fucking hate that.


I held that baby for nearly 2 hours last Sunday, and he didn’t make a peep.  It kept smokers away from me, and it was comforting to hold him…until he pooted, resulting in Mommy having to take him back to change him.  If only they didn’t grow up…heh.


Anyway, I’m off to finish packing.  Just thought I’d give an update.

8 comments to And then, all of a sudden…

  • George

    When it rains, it pours, huh? Based on your previous post, this sounds like a good thing. If we grew up abused, amd marry abusive persons, moving back with the originals probably isn’t an improvement. But, we don’t always have choices we like. Your ‘fans’ are still here, watching, hoping, praying, dealing with their own crap. Take good care.

    • Yeah, I’m so happy to be out of there. I mean, there are adjustments to be made here, but overall…yeah, this is good. Also, I’ve known Kevin for 8 years, and he hasn’t changed. I mean, his core. He’s the same as he was when we first met. As soon as I figure out his “grunt” language (they all sound like he’s in pain…apparently, there’s a wide range of emotions connected to them), we’re good to go…lol.

      I have fans? Heh. Neat.

      And thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it.

  • motherslittlehelper

    you mean, “if only they didn’t poop and pee and throw up”, right?


  • D

    But when they grow up, they learn how to not poop in their pants…at least they’re supposed to…

  • No…as long as they don’t grow up. I actually love babies. I just don’t know what in the hell to do with them after they start talking.

    I love babies too….as long as they’re not shitting, peeing, puking or crying. Once they’re talking it’s a helluva lot easier to figure out WTF is going on.

    At least it sounds like this living situation will be an improvement. Good luck!

    D – Then how do you explain the PSH of the anti-gunners?

  • D

    You mean anti-gunners like me? :)

  • Retired Navy Guy

    Sounds like it’ll be a lot healthier for you to be out of there. Nobody needs that kind of stress.