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BRITAIN IS RETARDED, REASON #1098793982734082309

The government wants to register every child in the country.

This means putting them in a database, with all of their physical information (appearance, gender), as well as their address, doctor’s information, and disease history.

Supposedly this is for the kids’ protection. Their reasoning is that if something happens to a child, or they are abducted, “a select group of individuals” can have access to the information, so that if they come across a child in trouble, they can look them up and find out who needs to be contacted.

Read the article. It’s amazing…a House of Lords committee said it was a bad idea, and Parliament rolled their eyes, said, “Yeah, right, whatever”, and passed it anyway. Millions of pounds (Euros?) later, and next year children all over the country will be like so many pedigreed dogs.

But of course, if they’re the child of a celebrity or politician…well, it’s like serving in the military over here, isn’t it? They’re pretty much exempt.

With pardon to the Brits on my list, I vote firebomb.

If you disagree with the assessment that this is a bad idea, you should just stay in your country and ignore the things in the sky that are getting bigger and whistling.

If you agree, however, you should come over here and help us keep this from happening to our country. And, as a bonus, people over here will fawn over your accent, and you’ll get laid! Woooo!

(note – THAT WAS A JOKE!)

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