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My Universe exists in a very small area right now.

Specifically, the area between my eyebrows and my belly button.

I’m about 10 times worse this morning, and I keep involuntarily groaning to keep from coughing. I didn’t realize that I do this until I was in the bathroom and it echoed. It sounded like someone was beaten and left in the stall to die.

I took NyQuil last night, and it made me goofy and tired, and I slept all night without coughing. I did, however, have to pee really early in the morning, so the last few hours of sleep were punctuated by me waking up and rolling over while trying not to put too much pressure on my bladder.

Then some asshole drove through our parking lot and leaned on his horn at 8:50am. So I was pretty much up, because that eliminated all chances of my being able to hold my bladder for more than another few minutes.

I also got an email today from “Diana”, the lady whose desk I sat in while she was out for surgery. I’d emailed her yesterday to ask how she was and how she was acclimating to being back at work, and I got this in reply:

Hey chicky. I have been intending to call you and tell you thank you for the awesome job you did, as usual. You made it so much easier for me to come back. I didn’t dread it because I knew you would have everything under control. Was it too bad? Do you think my job is busy or am I just crazy? I am feeling great. I wish I would have had the surgery 5 years ago. It wasn’t bad at all. It is good to be back into a routine. Do you have school every day of the week? I am taking Sept. 13 and 14 off and then Oct. 8 – 12. But I think you are not on break that week in October. I think Janet is taking off the following week in October. You may want to call her and let her know if you could work that week. Maybe we can meet up for lunch. I would love to buy you lunch. Please call me about it when you get a chance. OK?

Hells, yeah, she can buy me lunch. :-) See also: Job during Fall Break? Awesome! At my current rate of pay, that’s an entire months’ worth of bills taken care of in one week. I’m also getting paid for the Opera gig (assuming I can still do it) at that point, which is another months’ worth of bills. Woo!

So, you know, that’s good.

My dumb ass didn’t buy anything to help me through the day while I was at the store last night. All I was thinking about was sleeping. Which was taken care of. But now? Gah.

I might have to make a stop by the Cesspool of Hades, otherwise known as Student Health Services. And I feel completely confident in my assessment that that woman in there IS an idiot. The NP isn’t there until Wednesday mornings (between 9 and 11 – real slick, CBU…real slick), so the rest of the time we have what amounts to a receptionist, who can only give out Tylenol and “fake” Sudafed and stuff like that. If you’re REALLY sick, you’re shit out of luck. But all I need is some sort of generic DayQuil or something, and I know she can get that for me.

(EDIT: My across-the-hall neighbor had Sudafed! REAL Sudafed! I took one a second ago, and I’m taking the other after lunch. She’s also going to the grocery store today and said she’d pick me up some more. She is my savior.)

As a random side note, someone told me yesterday that they found it creepy that even when I was complaining about something (snark, snark) or describing in detail what I think should be done to Michael Vick (razor blades. kiddie pool with lemon juice. loose and angry pit bulls.), I was always smiling. Something has happened to me in the past year where I’ve started doing that again (I was like that as a kid, too). I’m perpetually optimistic now, even if it’s not in the bubbly-sunshine way that you normally think of. I’ve noticed that more people want to talk to me now, too. People find me more easily approached. My dorm-mates? We like each other. Stuff that used to bother me more easily rolls off of my back. Bad short-term memory could have something to do with it, but I also think that it’s a result of me being able to just vent and get it all out in one go. Then I’m good.

This is a great change, and I’m hoping it continues.

(Edit AGAIN: Same dorm-mate? Just knocked on my door and handed me a bottle of Robitussin cough-suppressant pills. Holy shit, I am so indebted to her right now.)

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