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It’s nice to know

that even when I’m sick, I “have” a high-F.

Singers, you know what I’m talking about.

Non-singers, this is a Very Good Thing.

My first lesson was today, and we spent the 30 minutes going over songs that I might sing at the NATS regional competition. We’ve found 2. We just need an aria, and I’m done and can just focus on learning the songs.

I found out yesterday that I’m going to be getting money BACK from the school, because one of my grants didn’t go through on time, so I overpaid. This is a good thing. The money will sit in my account for next semester, so that I don’t have to pay as much then. I’ve resigned myself to the loss this semester. No sense in making me feel like I have more money when I’m just going to have to use it for something else school-related.

My iPod updates slowly. I’m late for opera. I guess I’ll go now.

EDIT: Just for Marko! My last paragraph, arranged in a haiku:

I’m late for opera.
My iPod updates slowly.
I guess I’ll go now.

3 comments to It’s nice to know

  • Marko

    That last paragraph is almost a haiku…just needs minor rearranging.

  • I totally love that at age 20 my voice has decided to change. I’m an alto, right? I mean, I’ve always been an alto. I’ve been able to sing soprano, but my high voice didn’t go too high and it was just a lot more comfortable to sing alto. But suddenly, I’m hitting notes like high Cs and not even thinking twice about it. I had a lesson with my voice teacher in Memphis over the summer, and she actually uttered the words, “Soon, when your voice wants to sit in the F-G-A range…” I nearly passed out.

    But it makes me really happy, because my lower range is still there. It’s just like I gained an extra half octave and gained even more than that of comfort.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Carly – Yeah, I remember that your voice was even pretty low when you were younger. Mine’s always been that way, too. And today in voice lessons? Ho-hum, there’s an F, why was that difficult last year? Heh.

    I’m STILL singing tenor range, too. :-) It’s a wonderful thing, when physically maturing doesn’t screw with your abilities.