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Someone’s going to nail me for this one, but I have to get it out.

Why are people rooting for Fred Thompson when this guy doesn’t show any sign of being decisive about actually running for President?

Maybe he’s going to officially run.

Oh, wait…maybe not.

Give him a minute, he’s still trying to work some things out.

Okay, okay…now he’s PRETTY sure that he MIGHT run beginning on September 6.

Oh…but that’s after the YouTube debate, which is where “the people” (through videos that are filtered through YouTube and CNN) get to ask questions of the candidates, and where some of his biggest exposure might come. (Correction – the YouTube debate is later than I thought it was. My bad. I can read a calendar, really.)


I don’t care how smart a man appears to be. I don’t care how likable he is, or what he does for a living.

But if someone tries to “beat the system” in a Presidential bid by entering late (“wait, wait, wait…my staff’s screwed up…hold on now, I don’t have enough money…hang on, gimme a minute…”), I have absolutely no faith in their ability to run a country. Not that split-second decision-making is the way to go, but one would think that if he’d really wanted to do this, he’d have made plans a while ago and been a little more prepared. It makes me feel like maybe he needs to sit this one out and wait until next time.

You can have all the opinions and views that you want.

But if you can’t carry them out effectively, it’s not going to do me any good. And as certain other candidates have shown us, if you stick your neck out and jump into the fray with strong opinions and values that you stand by and live by, you’re going to look a lot better, and people are going to respond positively to that.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t end up voting for him if he finally decides to get his ass in there, and if he actually got the bid. But how can you expect to be picked first for teams if you’re always sitting on the sidelines re-tying your laces?

EDIT: I have to say, yes I’m aware that the “race” started early this year. It’s stupid, I agree.

Also, if Fred knew that he wanted to run a year ago, he probably should have planned ahead so that he wouldn’t have to worry about the drama with L&O episodes and equal air time. I understand why he didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it. Call me immature or naive or whatever you want, but that’s how I see it.

4 comments to Someone’s going to nail me for this one, but I have to get it out.

  • I’m nearly sure his delay is based on equal time rules, rather than indecision. Once he declares, whenever he is on TV, the station has to give equal time to his opposition–Even if the TV appearance is a Law and Order rerun.

  • He’s not being indecisive. He’s just playing a different hand. He’s not going to throw his hat into a ring that doesn’t welcome him and common sense would dictate that one wouldn’t waste one’s time and energies where one isn’t wanted. There are also those who will postulate as to lost royalty revenues to his former castmates if he jumps in too soon – they *will* have to stop playing L&O episodes that feature him the second he does so. Meanwhile, he still gets that exposure, and he’s formulated a solid following – enough so that in some polls he’s running a close second to Giuliani even without being declared – that he pretty much has thumbed his nose to the all-out bullshit traditional way of doing things.

    I respect that.

    And based on the email I got from his own website and the most recent news, there is no “maybe” about the September 6 announcement.

  • GeorgeH

    This Presidential contest started unusually and stupidly early.
    I think he knew when he was going to enter the race at least a year ago and sees no reason to change it just because the other candidates have been panicked into doing something stupid by Obamas early poll results.

  • Amen, George. I nearly flipped out when I started seeing political ads in MARCH. The election isn’t until November of NEXT year. What were they thinking? Huge waste of both time and money.