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Yes, you’re completely insane.

You sent me this message two hours ago: Am i romanticizing about how much we connected or am i just crazy?

I broke up with you 2 YEARS ago.

I haven’t said anything to you in 8 months, and the last thing I said was something along the lines of, “Fuck off – stop contacting me.”

Yes, you imagined the connection. If there was as strong a connection as you’re apparently imagining, I wouldn’t have broken up with you.

I wouldn’t think you were completely psycho.

I wouldn’t have a complaint filed with 3 different police departments about you. (they might not be willing to do anything about it right now, but my family will have a case if I’m caught unawares and they find a body)

I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble to research and purchase a gun, and I wouldn’t be in the process of receiving my carry permit, to prevent anyone from finding MY body.

Yes, I am prepared to “neutralize” you if you decide that you want to try to “convince” me in person that we “need to be together”.

Notice the quotations? You seem to know your limits right now. I know mine.

One more time: Fuck. Off.

EDIT: Backstory (of sorts) and more details about the situation here.

14 comments to Yes, you’re completely insane.

  • Oh hun, I had one – a military officer, no less – break into my house to wake me up and ask me what was going on after I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore. Did I mention I’d only gone out with him twice?

    People are CRAZY.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    People think that only women get crazy and emotional after a breakup. Nuh-uh.

    I’m glad my Ex doesn’t know where I live – I can’t imagine what I would have done in your situation.

  • Joe Allen

    Sorry to hear you’ve got whackjob problems.

    Look at it this way though; if he’s the reason you sought out the means and ability to defend yourself – in a roundabout way, he might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

    You now have the means to deal with all manner of aggression as well as one lonely nutcase.

    Be safe,

  • Murphy

    Hmm, are you saving letters, e-mails, phone (and other types of) messages to send with a follow up complaint? Is no contact even part of a complaint? Sorry, haven’t been in this type of situation before.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    “Whackjob” is one word for him.

    And yeah, I can’t be too upset about feeling the need to get a gun and protect myself, because you’re right – it could do me good against ANYONE that tries to hurt me.

    As far as “the best thing that’s ever happened to” me? Hahaha…right. That’s giving him a little TOO much credit, even with the boomstick inspiration.

    Be safe – I’m trying. :-)

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Murphy – the reason the police won’t do anything is because he hasn’t come right out and said that he wants to harm me. It’s implied, though, and just the fact that he’s repeatedly ignored my requests to go away make this a classic case of harassment. I call him my “stalker”, because “harasser” is too awkward – I do know the difference, though.

    I have records of nearly every textual conversation we’ve ever had, save IM. I keep all of the text messages he sends me on my SIM card for future reference. I’ve printed out all of the emails I’ve gotten and printed them out. I’ve changed my email address twice since then, but I get my old address forwarded to my new one so that I can tell when he tries to contact me.

    I don’t think the cops will do anything until there’s a body, even though all of his contact toward me is unprovoked and unwanted. That’s all fine and good, as long as it’s not MY body they find.

  • crankyprof

    Go to, and purchase books by one George Hayduke.

    Use the info therein liberally and frequently.

    (AFTER you’ve cleaned and loaded your gun.)

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Hahahaha…if I believed in revenge, I’d probably do just that. :-)

  • Tam

    Oh, I assure you that revenge is quite real, whether you believe in it or not. ;)

  • Carteach0

    Sorry to read of the problem. That said, life goes on. You are on the right track and clearly have a head on your shoulders.

    Look at your personal security situation. It’s not hard to become a very hard target without making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

    For most people, and most situations, just being ‘too hard to mess with’ is enough to solve a lot of issues before they happen.

    Simple things like heightened situational awareness, breaking routines, Lock strategies, communications plans, etc..

    It’s also good to know you can chowderise the slob if need be. Sounds like it would improve the species a bit.

  • Get a restraining order from one of your old jurisdictions, or from your current one just before you move.

    You will need it as evidence after you are forced to shoot the idiot in self defense.

    Restraining order = deer tag for killing psychotic assholes.

  • Good Gawd! I’m glad you have the will to do whatever it takes to protect yourself. It’s amazing how many people allow such a situation to overwhelm them.

  • Luckily my psycho ex does her attacks through family court, by starting stuff I have to deal with, then not showing up for the final hearing.

    Kristopher: Your Deer Tag comment made me laugh out loud.

  • Seriously … get a lawyer, and have the lawyer turn this idiot’s life upside down.

    The cops in your town are just lazy assholes … don’t try to deal with them. Find a battered women’s shelter in your area, and have them recommend a competant attorney … they might even have someone who does this stuff pro-bono on tap.

    Don’t accept anything the police have told you … they just want you to go away. The person who can get a restraining order for you is your attorney, not the police.