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On tests.

Today I had my first Spanish test in, oh, about 8 years. I completely suck at languages. English is hard enough without my having to worry about some other language that I will probably never use because I wasn’t forced to learn it when I was 4. Seriously.

The end of the test consisted of instructions to write 10 sentences about ourselves and/or our city. An “essay”, if you will.

Mine was something along the lines of this:

Yo tengo pelo rojo. Yo tengo veinticuatro años. Yo soy de Memphis. Yo soy estudiante de universidad. Tengo ojos gris. Mi cumpleaños es la nueve de agosto. Trabajo en la oficina. Yo tengo la familia grande. Mi coche es rojo y negro.

At this point, my only hope is that by the end of the semester I stop sounding like a three-year-old.

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