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Your Daily Dose of WTF.

Celebrity WTF. Because I covered political WTF earlier.

So…Emmy Rossum…

WTF? (That’s a link to a YouTube video of her new single, “Slow Me Down”)

You are neither Enya nor Imogen Heap.

You are a fairly talented, classically-trained singer who has starred in the veritable blockbuster movie version of an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.

Frankly, I thought your voice was kind of puny, but the stratosphere note at the end of the title song (um, “Phantom of the Opera”, for those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about) was impressive.

With some work, you could have a lucrative operatic career.

Why sell yourself short by becoming a premature new-aged crone?

By the way…the wide-eyed-doe look? Only works a few times before I start to wonder just WHO decided it would be a good idea to feed you an entire bag of gummy worms before the shoot.

2 comments to Your Daily Dose of WTF.

  • JP

    I left this comment on Youtube…I’m sure it will have viewers watching it over and over again to see what I’m talking about!

    “I can’t believe they let that quick shot of her tit falling out of her dress through on the video. I mean, if her nipple wasn’t right there staring at you maybe but jeeze man…wow.”

  • omg – I said the selfsame thing – only mine was something more like Enya raped Imogen and this is the product of their unholy union. The vid is like a 3 minute hair product promo.