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Oooh…I think I’ve found a new show…


I’m enthralled.

A geek who accidentally gets involved in a government conspiracy theory while looking for love and trying to navigate “life after Stanford”?

Plenty of awkward moments to keep things from getting too heavy. It’s not a bad show, from what I can see so far.

AND it’s at a time that I can actually watch weekly. Since that’s what usually keeps me from getting too far into any one show, I’m pretty excited.

Right now, it’s the little things. It has to be the little things.

2 comments to Oooh…I think I’ve found a new show…

  • Jess

    whoo hoo! i watched the pilot episode and have good feelings about the show too… e-mail me. grrrrr.

  • Nicole

    The pilot was pretty awesome (hee!), although my boyfriend’s comment was, “Hey, I remember when this show was called ‘Jake 2.0′!”