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Iran’s calling us names! O NOES!

But I suppose, to them, we ARE terrorists.

I’ve long been an advocate that the only foreign policy we should have is, well, no foreign policy. You go and visit other countries that have “played nice”, negotiate trade, etc, etc, but if they do something on their own soil that you don’t like, you leave it be, because it’s THEIR problem.

The U.S. has a bad habit of trying to fix everything, whether it’s invited or not. Apparently the entire world has to function like the U.S. in order to be successful. Are we successful? I really don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad to be here, because my other choices in English-speaking nations are Canada, the U.K., and Australia (who’s PM is my hero, but who’s just as much a nanny state as a few other places) – but damned if we aren’t heading down the toilet.

I DO understand that when another country attacks something that’s in our national interest (elsewhere), or reneges on an agreement, there may be a need to correct the situation. But this crap we’re engaging in right now is nothing more than a spitting contest, and the way the wind is changing direction, we keep getting an eyeful.

4 comments to Iran’s calling us names! O NOES!

  • And besides, who gives a rat’s ass what Iran thinks?

  • We could afford an indifferent foreign policy when we had the British Empire keeping the edifice of civilization from collapsing. Good moved from the US to Europe and back again largely because American ships transited on oceans protected by the Royal Navy.

    Modern civilization is all but dependent on international trade, and as long as that’s the case, someone has to deal with all the little brush fire problems that could, if left unchecked, turn into a raging wildfire, threatening everything we’ve built.

    We may not care too much about Iran now, but left unchecked, an Iran that has nuclear weapons and has managed to get a stranglehold over the world’s oil supplies would be something we’d have to pay close attention to, only that particular problem will only be solved at great cost and sacrifice in lives and treasure.

  • Iran will always dislike us; there is nothing we can do to change that other than every American embracing Islam and bowing to Allah. So, why should we care what they dislike us for this week?

  • Gregg

    Yo, Sebastian the whole British Royal Navy protecting American bottoms (trade ships) ended in the late 18th Century once we seceded from the Empire. Thus leading to the creation of the US Navy and the US Marines. (Barbary Coast pirates, the whole “shores of Tripoli” thing from the Marine Corps Anthem ( or was that a Hymn)

    Prior restraint is not an acceptable reason for foreign adventures anymore than it is acceptable domestically for laws. Oh, you might use that chaisaw to cut someone to pieces so you are not allowed to buy it.

    Miss Squeaky, the problem I see with what you are proposing is that then peole will call you an isolationist. I do not see how one can be an isolationist when you are open to trade with others, but keep your nose, and troops, out of their business.