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NOW can we bomb England?

Police force boy to break toy gun, or face arrest.

He’s 8 years old, and was playing with the gun in his mother’s front yard.

After the gun was broken and the bobbies left, they came BACK to tell the 6-year-old daughter to stop riding her toy Barbie car on the pavement.


5 comments to NOW can we bomb England?

  • E-gads! well, it is now official the English are set for extinction. I guess it is now left to the Muslims and the Conservatives to fight it out; everyone else on earth has decided that they need to be pacifists first, intelligent beings second.

    I bet this kid needs therapy later in life.

  • Of course, if a bunch of hooligans had come along and beat up the kid and his sister, the worst they probably would have gotten is an ASBO or two.

  • then everyone should be arrested who cuts the bread with knife. We should hide!!!

  • carteach0

    Great Britain is one of the few first tier nations that have significant numbers of professionals giving up their citizenship and emigrating.

    They have plenty of poor and down trodden moving in to make up for all the doctors and such leaving.

    I read a report that stated 3000-5000 a month were putting in the papers to leave…. for good….

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Falcon – if he doesn’t already need it now, I’d be surprised.

    Bob – no doubt. FUCKED UP, I tell ya.

    Ropi – OMGZ, I KNOW! People are so stupid sometimes.

    Carteach – Shit, I’d be right there with them.