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Dear Writers of My Favorite Show EVAR,


Click to embiggenate.

No, seriously.  I really want to know.

On 10mg of Ambien (otherwise known as Zolpidem, which you’ve put on the bottle to throw regular viewers off so they don’t focus on piddly shit like this), some people drive, overeat, have sex, and cut themselves.

Multiply that hypnotic/tranquilizing effect by 20.

Guess what that causes?

COMA AND POSSIBLY DEATH.  At best, you’re out for a really fucking long time, and you have to have someone constantly monitoring your respiration, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and CNS response.  At worst, you’re fucking dead.

Holy fuck, y’all.  Are you so caught up in having Amber Tamblin join the cast (find new ways to humiliate the new girl!) while Cuddy and House FINALLY start a relationship (new dramatic plot point!) that you can’t even look something up before printing it on a label and focusing on it for several seconds during a show that’s broadcast all over the country and that happens to be loved by a lot of cynical medical nerds (like myself)?

200 MG OF AMBIEN IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS, unless you’re assisting someone with suicide, which honestly isn’t an option for Cuddy, yet (see how I’m not giving out spoilers?  even though most of you have already seen the episode if you were even going to watch it in the first place?), and is illegal in NJ, anyway.

I’m glad you got rid of the “give them steroids as treatment” habit that House and his team had for something like 2 seasons (I’m not kidding…every result, every disease, every puzzle solved…give them steroids, and occasionally wide-spectrum antibiotics).  Now it’s time to fix THIS crap.

I hate to be that fan, but seeing as how I haven’t been to sleep, yet, and it’s 5:30am my time, I’m a little cranky.  I might also be jealous of Dr. Cuddy’s prescription, but not the dosage.

Best wishes for less fucktardery,


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