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First-person video of Japanese Tsunami

From Gizmodo.

In the beginning, around 1:20 into the video, it seemed “mild” enough (though still not good by any means) that I actually laughed at the tugboat.

By the end, I’d stopped laughing, and had started crying for those poor people.

A BUILDING is caught going down the middle of a street toward the end.  A huge, red building.

Then it cuts to a group of people standing on an island of rubble in the midst of the deluge.

I know the nuclear power plants are probably going to be okay.

I know Japan has rebuilt after an unnatural disaster (nuclear bombing), and has appeared to absolutely thrive since then.

But mother nature doesn’t absolutely destroy property in this case.  It’s changes it, moves it…and then the disease from the waste begins.  People are forced to make impossible choices.

And unlike Katrina, which this has been compared to, these folks had almost no warning.  It wasn’t predicted to be as bad as it was, from the accounts I’ve read.  New Orleans was tragic, yes, but there was so much fail in the days leading up to it that it was almost comic…the mayor’s failings, the state’s failings, and then the lot of them trying to blame everything on the federal government and the “bad” levees…it turned from a tragedy to a farce, complete with racial stereotyping by the media to promote unrest and keep ratings high.

Japan is not a ratings carrot – at least, it shouldn’t be.

And while it’s not our responsibility as a country to help, I would say that to NOT help would be a mistake.

I’m not entirely trusting of the Red Cross, but as soon as I find a source that actually proves that the majority of its donation income is going to disaster victims themselves (or to things that would directly help them), I will be posting a link here.


For the obligatory personal-comparison bit of this post:

I’m so pissed at my doctor right now about a prescription flub that I could spit.

I feel like utter ass 90% of the time…the rest of the time, I’m asleep.

I don’t have a job, have applied for so many that my head pounds just thinking about it, and things are looking bleaker each day with regard to my financial situation and my health.  I’m selling off my guns (I don’t have many, so they’re all favorites) in order to make ends meet.

However, I consider myself very lucky in comparison to Japanese residents right now.

I have a roof over my head, a loving and supportive man by my side (whose consistency over the past 8 years of friendship has continued through to our romantic relationship with no issues whatsoever), and my city is intact.  My friends and family are safe over here.  I have a vehicle that actually works well, as does Forrest.  Weather-wise, the most I have to complain about is the inconsistency of Memphis’s spring and fall transitions.  May 2010 sucked ass, but the infrastructure of the city wasn’t knocked out, and clean-up, while a pain, was relatively easy.

So, yeah.  I’m counting my blessings today, despite some setbacks.  And while I don’t have any monetary help to give to Japan, I’m searching for reputable sources, as I said, to post here and elsewhere in order to help raise money for them.

Charity works, folks.  Pay it forward.

3 comments to First-person video of Japanese Tsunami

  • If you are willing to relocate, I work for a company that is hiring pretty much all the time. My wife has Fibro, and she works here too. Let me know if you are interested. And, I work in a Nat’l Park. It’s a thought, a least.

    • I’m in a perfect position to relocate, from a personal perspective, but not from a financial one, unless I were to be reimbursed for the move. I appreciate the thought, though!

  • It’s not so good with the nukes. I’ve read that only two of the plants were successfully scrammed, and that there are some plutonium and zirconium fires. See Uncle Al’s site, here:

    Warning! Uncle Al is Profoundly and Severely Gifted, and says exactly what he thinks. He’s an old-fashioned organic chemist who despises dumb people and other normals.