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Stylish Blogger Award

Snarky tagged me like, uh…yeah, three weeks ago (whoops) to do this STYLE meme thing, which I suppose means she thinks my blog has style, and thus wants to know more about me.

Did y’all hear THAT?  I have STYLE.  Lulz.

The rules are thus:  You post 7 things you don’t think your readers know about you, then tag 15 people to do the same.

Um, yeah.  I’m not tagging, I’m sorry.  If you want to do this, make sure to leave a link in the comments so I can go check out your blog (or just link back to me in your post…I can see it on my dashboard most of the time).  Also?  Tagging 15 people is ridiculously Facebook-esque, and this ain’t Facebook.

So, without further ado, 7 Things You May Not Know About Me, Particularly Since I’ve Hidden the Majority of My Blog History:

1.  I can technically call myself a “professional” in the following areas, because I’ve been paid for them at some point (in money, not in favors or trade…and yes, that’s the basic definition of a professional):  singing in Operas and clubs, playing French horn and trumpet, photography, modeling, illustration, makeup artist, hair stylist, writing, karaoke jockeying, educational research, thesis editor, book editor, and farmhand.  I was also paid, during my downtime as a receptionist at one company, to drink alcohol, play the lottery, and rip CDs onto an external hard-drive.

2.  I can’t wear digital watches.  They break within a few days, usually going completely batshit insane before refusing to do anything at all.

3.  I come from a family of addicts (alcohol, mostly), but have managed to escape the gene that gives someone an addictive personality.  I’ll go a few days without caffeine and wonder why the hell I have a headache, rather than “jonesing” for it.  The association just isn’t there.

4.  Having said that, I absolutely love Coke Zero and chewing gum.  I go through approximately one 12-pack of CZ per week, and a pack of chewing gum (approximately 15 sticks) every 2-3 days (I chew it two sticks at a time).

5.  If you don’t place your hand on my arm or shoulder before calling my name to wake me up, my brain will assume you are someone who’s chasing me and screaming at me, and I will wake up in a blind panic, but still under sleep paralysis (in other words, I will scream while breathing in, and my body will go rigid).  This is a holdover from childhood, when hearing my name called from a distance (i.e. from downstairs) meant I was in serious trouble and was about to get my butt kicked.  Touching my arm lets my brain know where you are, and that you’re not something to fear.

6.  I hate feet, and this desire to keep mine hidden from view (and, more recently, to keep them warm), I have become a wearer of knee socks almost exclusively.  I also have a vast collection of shoes, though there are only a small number of pairs that I wear regularly.

7.  When I go to the gun range to practice, I always make it a point to cut a large-ish circle (about 3″-4″) out of the main part of whatever target I’m using…with bullets.  Until several weeks ago, I’d gone over a year without going to a traditional range with regular paper targets, and was still able to accomplish this on a regular silhouette target (center mass), as well as with a zombie target (the head of the zombie, and the stem of the brain-shaped target in the lower corner).  I regularly have shooters (usually older males) come up to me when I’m packing up my equipment to compliment me on my efficiency.

There you have it.  7 things you may or may not have already known about me.

Feel free to participate!

13 comments to Stylish Blogger Award

  • Well, if you like Facebook, you’ll just LOVE Friendface! Like button, poke, hehe.

  • Rick

    Regarding #2: You are the first person to say that about yourself and digital watches. I used to have a Flight Engineer (Tick-Tock Timmy Holt) that was that way with mechanical watches.

    • I could never get my dad’s Atari system to work, either…I had to have a sister set it up for me, and then NOT touch the system. I think my mom was struck by a particularly horrible static spark while I was in the womb.

      I’ve NEVER heard of someone messing up analog watches. You should have given him a digital watch and seen what would happen. I’ll bet it’d have been hilarious.

  • I don’t chew gum. But, I knew a guy who did so habitually, as a substitute for snack food. His co-workers complained (he’s a pipe-fitter). Seems the xylitol has side effects. They called him ‘Methane Ted”!

  • ParatrooperJJ

    You really need to link to an Amazon wishlist. Just saying….

    • It’s been so long since I’ve looked at mine, I’m kind of scared to see what’d be on it, but if there’s a demand, I suppose I should supply. :-)

  • Sigivald

    I’ll go a few days without caffeine and wonder why the hell I have a headache, rather than “jonesing” for it.

    Yeah, I do the same thing, more or less.

    I’ll wonder “why do I have this sneaking headache?” and then realize that I neglected to drink any morning coffee…

    • Yeah, I’ll be in the throes of one of those wicked personality-changing headaches, and then be like, “Oh, I should probably drink a soda.” And sha-ZAM, it gets better.

  • Rick

    Uh, Bonnie, do you have any idea what a diggidal watch cost in 1978?
    Besides, one guy giving another guy a watch would have been Teh Ghey.
    And the Navy didn’t allow that then.