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Blog format changing – Amazon link is up.

If you notice my blog looking really, really weird in the next couple of days, don’t worry about  your browser – it’s totally my fault.  I’m screwing around with settings here on WordPress, and I’m going to go to my theme editor and make some final changes as soon as I get a good image editor downloaded (yes, yes, I know…GIMP…but I hate it, so I’m looking at other options and have had luck with different programs for different things).

The Amazon Wish List link is up there in the upper left, should you want to send me something.  My list is weird.  I apologize.  It IS a “wish” list, after all.  I’d prefer books or DVDs, to be honest.  If there’s something neat and camera-related that you’d like to send my way, I’ll certainly take it.  Also?  I actually want that suture set.  Honest to God.  WANT IT.

So there you have it.  Changes forthcoming, wish list posted, etc.  Yay.

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