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I’m ASKING this time. You’re welcome.

After the surgery this morning, and all of the running around I did, the packing/gauze that was on the surgery site got lumpy, and it hurt very much.  When I finally arrived home, the tape was giving way, and the incision site was visible.

Being me, I had Forrest take a couple of photos.

So.  Here’s the question:

Would you, my readers, mind seeing a post-surgical abscess that’s packed with antibacterial gauze?

It’s pretty gross, but because I’m a med nerd, and it’s my armpit, it doesn’t bother me all that much.

I did lose a lot of blood, though.  More than I expected.

Again, longer version of the story tomorrow, if you guys think you can handle gross photos of my armpit, which I still can’t shave.  YUM!

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