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You asked for it – Post-Surgery Photos


I’m going to be nice and put the actual photos under a cut.

And I still have to tell the Epic Story of Yesterday, but again, that’s going to have to come later, because I need more sleep.

But here are the pics, below the cut, along with explanations, etc.

(I apologize to those of you using a feed reader – the cut’s not going to work for you, and you’re just going to see horrible things.  But you can’t say I didn’t warn you.)

The surgery lasted about 30 minutes, and involved 3 steps in order to numb my armpit enough to slice it open and express it.

Being a redhead, this obviously didn’t fully work on me, so I felt quite a bit of it.

Anyway, the doctor withdrew about 7cc (!!) of fluid (pus and whatnot), and also soaked quite a few gauze pads and sample-taking Q-tips.  (As an aside, I’m supposed to get the results of exactly what strain of bacteria I had in a few days.)

As I said in my last post, we ran around a lot yesterday (with good results), but this caused my bandaging to roll up on itself, begin detaching from my skin, and when I removed my shirt to change into my pajamas, I noticed that I could SEE the abscess…or what’s left of it.

So, naturally, a change of bandages was in order.  Forrest did it, AND took photos, at my urging.  Because I’m just sick like that.

These were taken after the area was cleaned, but the previous bandage hadn’t been completely removed.







This was basically taken to show the blood loss. The bandages AND the med tape were soaked through. That stuff hanging out of the hole in my armpit is antibacterial packing gauze, which I will be removing today in the shower.


Another angle. It looks like my armpit is giving birth to a placenta. Ugh.

So basically, it’s disgusting, and it hurt REALLY badly until we re-wrapped it using much less material (in other words, there’s less chance of the tape and gauze rolling into a giant ball that will press on my wound, which is filled with freakin’ gauze).

This morning, it’s sore, but that GOOD sore.  The, “my body is healing” sore.  So I’m pretty happy about how things went.

The other smaller abscesses are expected to go away on their own with medication, though I am to keep a watch on them, and keep using the Hibiclens until all signs of the staph disappear.

I’m glad the damned thing is gone, and I’m hopeful that the antibiotics will help without causing me too many other problems.

So…yay!  Disgusting armpit updates are halfway over!  (You bet your ASS I’m posting photos without the packing gauze, and when it scars over.  Would you expect anything else from me?)

And…well…there it is.

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