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This is like a little mini-saga, isn’t it?


Basically, the last 12 hours have sucked complete ass.

Because I didn’t sleep well at all on Tuesday night, I forced myself to sleep pretty much all afternoon/evening yesterday, because I wanted to be rested for today (i.e. the day I was to start my job – and yes, I’m still starting, just not today, so don’t freak out).

Due to various factors (*cough*HouseMarathonOnSleuth*cough*), I didn’t get into the shower to remove the packing gauze until around 2am…like, this morning.

Oh, and as an aside, the pain I’d been having in my right hip has migrated to the left.  This is important, because it’s why I was using my shower seat for the first time in months.  Also, the reason why I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night.

I’m glad I was sitting down when I started pulling the gauze out, because I didn’t expect there to be SO MUCH of it.  Also?  My placenta analogy still fits.  It looked like a damned umbilical cord.  Except imagine that, unlike an umbilical cord, this damned thing didn’t seem to end.  I felt like a clown performing the endless handkerchief trick, if I was pulling the handkerchiefs out of a cherry pie.  (I love you guys!  I promise!)

And then, I FELT the gauze detaching from somewhere deeper inside my armpit.  I got the rest out just in time to puke from the sensation.

Good thing the water was running, I guess.  And that I’d had soup for supper.

I eye-measured the amount of packing gauze to have been about 2 feet long.  That’s EPIC for what I thought was a smallish hole.  Also?  It’s still on the side of the tub, because I’m afraid that if I look at it right now, or pick it up to toss it, I’ll throw up again thinking about that yanking sensation.  Okay, I’m nauseated just thinking about THAT much of it.

Various shenanigans occurred after the shower (blood sugar issues, vertigo, pain, blahblahblah), and to make a long story short, I ended up sleeping in the recliner, hoping that by sleeping in a somewhat-sitting position with my arm over my head, the hole would stop bleeding, and the wound would clot.

Silly, silly me.

I’m glad I had a piece of gauze pressed on it (not taped down), because boy, this thing just hasn’t stopped at all.

I called the surgeon’s office and was told that it was normal, and that I should encourage the draining (duh), and keep it covered (kind of hard not to, considering where it is).  I was also berated (nicely) for telling my new boss I could start after only one day of rest.  Apparently I need a couple of days.  So I start on Monday (I was going to try to start Saturday, but when I called my boss, he said, “We want you to be able to come in and go, so take the weekend, too.  See you Monday.”), which is fine, but yeah.  I feel a little stupid for thinking this would be a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am sort of thing.

Anyway, it’s still bleeding, and I’m having to push just above the hole every so often to express fluid being held back by swelling (doctor’s orders!).  It’s, in a word, gross.

So, naturally, I took a couple of photos.

I feel the need to apologize for my lack of shaved pits.  As you’ll see, I have a good excuse.  I just hate the “it’s been a few days” type of growth, because despite how clean my skin is, the stubble makes it look dirty.

A marked improvement over a giant abscess, that's for damned sure.

So...yeah. It's kind of a deep hole.

There’s a good reason for that Q-tip, I promise.

I was applying hydrogen peroxide (at the urging of my doctor, again), and blotted about where you see the handle sticking out…and the head of the Q-tip just kind of disappeared.

Instead of a trick knee, I have a trick armpit.  Awesome.

13 comments to O GOD MY ARMPIT

  • motherslittlehelper

    you and web md…

    • WebMD had nothing to do with this. Where did that come from? The sleeping position? Based on where my wound is, and the fact that I normally sleep on my stomach when I’m in a bed, I thought it best.

      The reason I called the surgeon’s office was because in addition to the “weeping” blood (that’s where the “duh” comes from – I know it’s normal, and that encouraging it keeps infection from setting back in…and have known that for years), I was still bleeding like it had just been cut (as of this morning when I woke up, 8 hours after the shower and gauze extraction), and it worried me a bit. I DON’T use the internet, and people still think I’m using the internet. Jeez. Give me some credit. :-P GAH, MOM.

  • motherslittlehelper

    i just meant that you and webmd usually have the worst-case scenario thing going on.

  • Joseph

    The wound looks EXACTLY like my roomate’s post-abdominal surgical drainage port wound. Only Smaller.

  • Rush baby

    Haha you got an armpit vagina!

    Did they remove the core? Was this pus, because it usually keeps coming back.

    • I actually used the “armpit on its period” excuse when I couldn’t meet up with a friend…lol.

      They DID remove the core – it was the part that was allllll the way back inside, which is why the wound is so deep. That’s also what they tested.

  • Scott

    I am glad that you went to a surgeon to get it drained. I have not checked on you in a while and I am sorry to see what happened. I just had my 42nd anniversary of being DXed with type 1 DM. You have got to keep an eye on those BG’s, I know that you have heard that too many times. I know first hand that a minor infection can get wild if you BG’s are too high for too long. I have also found that Tea Tree oil works very well, on minor wounds, if you can tolerate it, as in not allergic to it. It works very well against MRSA, you know the flesh eating Staph. Good luck with your job and your healing.

    • My life is a comedy of errors. I keep saying that I need to write a book – but now I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

      And yeah, it turns out the infection is MRSA. More on that in my next update. :-P Luckily, the antibacterial stuff I use has Witch Hazel in it, which is just as effective as Tea Tree Oil. :-)

  • So – Any update? Hoping things have improved!

  • Heh. The q-tip reminds me of a story in Rick Eilert’s Vietnam biography, “For Self and Country.” He was badly wounded in Vietnam and spent a long time healing up in Great Lakes Naval Hospital. Being a Marine, as soon as they let him out with his still-open wounds for a little while, he and his fellow broken Marines immediately went out partying. He had instructions to irrigate and clean the wounds, but didn’t do so well, being drunk and all. He woke up next morning with q-tips protruding from some of the holes.

    They used more Dakin’s Solution (Clorox), Betadine, and Hydrogen Peroxide on him than they did antibiotics, which already weren’t working too well on the nasty jungle germs.

    He said that some of the antibiotic-resistent infections responded to just dumping table sugar into the wounds.

    He was arguably present when the sport of wheelchair jousting was invented.