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Possible business venture?

I posted this on Facebook last night:

TMI ALERT: So now that the antibiotics and anti-fungals are out of the picture, my armpits have developed a life of their own. I shower, using hibiclens, and an hour later they smell like spicy, pungent, poisonous death. WTF? Am I now the home to some new biological weapon?

Claire says it’s an “indie-horror-flick-turned-sleeper-hit”.

I say it’s a good vehicle for revenge (i.e. holding socks under my armpits and mailing them to people I don’t like).

Rick says that it could be a lucrative business venture.


Who would invest $5.99 for me to send a biologically tricked-out note to an enemy, or as a gag gift (literally)?

Because, y’all, I’m telling you…if my tee shirts of late are any indication, I need to start mailing them to soldiers to¬† be thrown at the enemy.

In the meantime, I’m puzzling over things I can do to reduce the funk without using antiperspirants (can’t use them for a bit because of both metal toxicity and clogged pores possibly leading to more staph).

So, either way, if you have suggestions, I’m all ears.


9 comments to Possible business venture?

  • Poul D'eau

    Since the source of the odor is bacteria give Listerine a shot. Either in a spray bottle or pour some on a wash cloth and wipe it on. And kill those germs!

    • The Hibiclens is a surgical wash, and I still have StaphAseptic that I use (it has tea tree oil and is anti-bacterial). Listerine is basically just alcohol, which will dry out the glands, irritate them, and make them more prone to sweating in an attempt to clear out the irritant. More sweat = more bacteria breeding ground.

      So…yeah. Thanks for the suggestion, anyway…heh.

  • I say you should go big or go home. All you gotta do, is slap a few extra zeros on that price, submit it as a bid for a defense contract, then BAM! You’re an instant military supplier, totally rich, and will more than likely continue to underbid the competition for years! Problem solved, problem staying solved.

    Heck, if a couple of Jewish kids from Florida can pull it off, why can’t you? Then again, I’d probably offer some stiff competition with my own dirty socks…

  • I use one of those ‘deodorant stones’ usually found in health food stores. Please note, they are not anti-perspirant. I do sweat. But, whatever it is kills the odor causing bacteria, so while moist, I’m fragrance-free!
    Hope this helps!

  • Tass

    Arm and Hammer (and probably some other more expensive ‘organic’ brands) has some deodorant that is aluminum free. Not too bad when compared to the high octane brands.

  • Sorry to hear that :-(