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oh sweet jesus i have a job thank god

At around 5am, I was still up, and I saw a blip in Careerbuilder about a “summer job for students” that would pay $15 an hour, and could be either part-time or full-time.  I saw it was with marketing, which wasn’t my first choice, but I’d be stupid not to apply, right?

So I did…and the employment application was really, really, simple, so I thought, “Meh, they won’t get back with me, or it’s a scam.”

They called this morning around 11 to schedule an appointment for 6pm.  Which?  Was awesome.

I got out of that interview process at around 8:15pm (it was complicated…heh…doubles, group, then individual interviews), and I am now employed.  I have a signed letter to prove it…haha.  I start training on Thursday, through Saturday, then I can start working and getting paid the following week.  Which is EXCITING.

There were reasons I wouldn’t have taken this job.  It’s a sales job, selling knives for a company called CutCo (which has existed since 1949), under the Vector Marketing firm (1981) [ETA:  hurr durr, i kin spel gud].  I will be traveling to people’s homes, showing off the knives, and hopefully selling some, or at least having them be able to pass my information on to someone else who might be interested.

On the surface, that screams, “HELL NO.”

However, these are the reasons I accepted the position, and why I wanted it:

1.  I set my own hours (anywhere from 8am-10pm).  I can work 10 appointments per week, or 5 per day, and I only have to go to the actual office one day per week, to turn in orders and do a team meeting.  There is no minimum or maximum number of hours I can work, and I can take days off whenever I need/want (except for the Monday meetings, which are mandatory).

2.  Regardless of whether I sell anything, I get paid for keeping the appointment.  There’s no pressure for the person to buy anything on my end, which makes it TRULY their choice whether they want what I’m selling.  I get to be nice, myself, and point out the advantages of a product that I actually like (I got to test one of the knives today…holy shit, it’s awesome).

3.  The sales are by appointment ONLY.  I don’t cold-call, knock on doors, wander around with a briefcase, or any of the other things that can potentially make a sales job like this suck huge donkey balls.

4.  There’s also an incentive program where you get a percentage of the amount of product sold.  Say you have 20 appointments in one week, but you only make $250 according to incentives.  That same number of appointments nets you $300 in “base” pay, so you’d get paid the greater of the two amounts.  No shit.  They go out of their way to make sure you get paid for trying.

5.  These knives are so damned cool, and I’m looking forward to making corkscrews from pennies with the scissors that come with the kit.  I’m not shitting you – you can cut spirals out of pennies.  I watched it happen.  I felt the penny.  It was real.  Like…holy shit.

6.  They give you a “test kit” to take around with you for demonstrations, for no cost.  If, when you stop working for them (or if you just like them that much), you can buy the kit, and they’ll give you another test one to take to others’ homes.  So I basically get to have a set of these knives around the house for cooking and whatnot while I’m working for this company, free of charge.

There are other perks, but they’re weirdly complicated.  I think they’re going over insurance and stuff during training, but I have a feeling I’m going to be responsible for a good bit of my own.  As long as I have money coming in, that’s not a real problem, for the time being.  It’ll just be when I have to get the uber-treatment for Lyme that I might have issues, and by that point, maybe I’ll be on disability…which I can have while working part-time.

I’m really excited about this job, and the opportunity.  I’m glad I wasn’t turned away because I’ve already been in the working world (this job is really for students to get stuff for their resume), or because I was over-qualified (I was, by quite a bit).

I think I’m going to enjoy it.  I like working with people, and with THEM making the appointments, I don’t have to worry about being snarked at while I’m trying to do demonstrations and discussions about the catalog items.

The knives are also affordable, and come with a lifetime guarantee for no extra charge.  I don’t think there’s even a sales tax on them, but I could be wrong…I’ll find that out on Thursday.

Anyway, thanks for the help you guys have given me this week…I really appreciate it, and I’m glad that you have faith in me.

Just think happy thoughts for me…I’m really hoping this job works out for quite a while, because with the hours, I would easily be able to continue to pursue my counseling while taking one or two appointments per week, if it came to that.


14 comments to oh sweet jesus i have a job thank god

  • mupedalpusher

    One of my good friends sold Cutco all through college. He started selling again as a second job while his wife was in Vet School. We have a good set of knives but I bought the steak knives and the full set of cookware from him. It was expensive but I absolutely love it. Oh…and the vegetable peeler and cheese knife are the bomb. I have yet to find better. Good luck with your new job.

    • THANK YOU for saying something nice about the product here. THAT’s why I took this sales position…because not only do the products rock, they have a lifetime (of the knives, not the buyer) guarantee. :-)

      And thanks for the luck…I might need it :-)

  • Awesome! I myself have just started a new job this week, that doesn’t suck for a change. Maybe the universe still has a few smiles left to give after all…

  • YAY! OO-RAH! Good for you! gfa

  • Yay! Virtual hugs and kisses and handshakes and happy-dances on the way! Thanks be to God, and all that!

  • Sigivald

    Cutco is, sadly, half a scam. Not completely, not necessarily in every circumstance, but it’s not a “proper” job either.

    They use your connections to sell knives to The People You Know – and if you run out of sales, you get fired. Oh, they say they’ll give you leads – but they want you to generate them if you want to be retained.

    I’ve watched them chew up a person or two I know, sadly. (Like not paying them for the appointments they did during training, despite promises to do so…)

    (Now, yes, the little scissors can cut a penny into a little caltrop. But anyone’s $4 crash scissors can do that. Zinc’s soft.)

    If in doubt, I suggest a quick search on Cutco. The second suggestion is “Cutco scam” currently – and there’s good reason for that.

    • I won’t sell Pampered Chef or Tupperware because I hate throwing parties, but that doesn’t mean those products aren’t worth selling. I’ve been asked to sell Mary Kay, Avon, some food product (the name of which escapes me right now), and I’ve turned them all down, even though I’ve used and seen products from every single one of those lines throughout my entire life. Tupperware’s farting noise is its selling point. Seriously. How ridiculous is that? But people buy it, because it works.

      If “direct sales” is the way I’m going to be able to pay some bills, then damn it, I’m in a direct marketing pyramid. But it’s not a scam – they happened to have covered that in the interview. Everything that people used to bitch about? The company’s big enough now that they have been able to eliminate EVERY SINGLE ONE of those concerns. You don’t pay (not even a deposit) for the knife set. Sure, if you lose it, you pay for it, but the sets are like library books, with the option to buy at any point. I haven’t been through the training, yet, and the three half-days will be spent unpaid…O GOD O NOES…but it’s not like I’m earning anything sitting on my ass being reactive.

      Yeah, you are pretty much expected to generate as many of your own leads as possible. They didn’t refer to it being any other way. Word-of-mouth is how this shit works. I’m not so stupid as to not recognize that. I’m also not so stupid that I’m not still job-searching.

      I personally know people who own CutCo knives, and love them. They have a lifetime guarantee, and they’re not expensive compared to some of the store-bought high-end knives. That’s enough proof for me to be able to confidently present the product.

      If something unreasonable happens with the company, I’ll address it at that point. I have a lawyer, and I’m not completely helpless.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. Just say, “Congratulations!” next time. Alluding to my desperate stupidity just pisses me off.

      • Sigivald

        All I meant was that while Cutco isn’t a literal scam (ie, they don’t just take your money for samples and kick you out, and the knives really do work), it isn’t quite like a normal job.

        I hope you can make it work out, and I don’t think you’re stupid – but I’ve seen other non-stupid people get a “job” from Cutco, have the exact same “yay, a job and it’s not cold calling!” reaction, and then get screwed over by it.

        • “I’m not racist – I have black friends!” <- Essentially your argument. It's not a normal job, you're right. Just leave it at that. I'm desperate for income, but I'm not delusional. Training starts tomorrow. If it's hinky, I leave. It's all very simple.

  • Congratulations, Squeaky! I know you’ll do a fantastic job.