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MOAR updates.

Sorry to have left things on such a doom and gloom note.

They still pretty much suck, but there ARE a couple of good (if not only decent) things on the horizon for Yours Truly, so I figured I’d share them.



First, I have a confirmed tutoring job with an ESL student, twice a week.  I’d be making enough per month to cover half of my bills just with him, alone.  I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but if his speech is any indication, it could be for several months.  It’s conversational and listening skills – it takes years, sometimes, for a foreigner to understand things like colloquialisms, idioms, similes, metaphors, and the like.  Oh, and prepositions…holy shit, prepositions just suck.  He speaks Portuguese, so we’re both going to have our work cut out for us.  He’s really nice and pleasant, so I have a feeling it’s going to be easy to get along with him, if nothing else.  If he decides I’m not doing enough for him, he’s free to leave at any time.  I made that clear.  I also told him that if I ever talk to quickly, or say something he doesn’t understand, for him to stop me and have me explain or repeat it.  He started doing it at our first meeting (which was assessment-based), so that’s good.  I’m looking forward to teaching again.

Next, I have a meeting on Tuesday to see about tutoring a young man for the ASVAB so that he can get into the Air Force.  I got an 83% on the test when I took it last week (online, practice), which means I could get in, but I have to figure out how to transfer that ability to someone else, especially given that the ASVAB is just a touch different from the ACT in that you’re not allowed to have calculators, and they LOVE them some fractions in the math section, which is one of the two most important sections for the Air Force…and which is an area that this guy has issues with, by his own admission.  His mom contacted me.  College didn’t work out for him, and she sounded kind of weird about it, but I assured her that I didn’t care – the whole “everyone needs a college education” thing has done nothing but harm to our country as a whole, IMHO.  We NEED technical workers and folks in our armed forces.  There’s no shame in not being able to hack it in college.  She sounded a lot happier after I let her know how I felt about that.

I mean, shit…look at me:  I have a college degree, and I’m mired in debt and have yet to find a job that uses my degree, or that doesn’t want me to continue in my higher education in order to get hired (yeah, yeah, Uncle, I know…you told me so in 2008).  If it wasn’t for the Lyme, I might consider the military.  As I am now, I wouldn’t make it past the first couple of days of boot camp.  Ironically, when I took the ASVAB in high school, if I’d taken up the Marines on their offer to usher me into the band, and then the President’s Own, I probably wouldn’t have made it through THAT boot camp, either, seeing as how I was already infected.

Your past changes so much when you have certain information.  Sometimes it’s amusing, sometimes it’s not.  This time, luckily, it’s kind of amusing, at least from the military aspect.  I couldn’t serve even if I really wanted to.  Hilarious.

Anyway, I have that meeting Tuesday, and I went ahead and scheduled an interview with Aflac (yes, I know…don’t start), because they’ve been emailing me, and I figured it’d be better than selling knives, no matter how neat those knives are.

Oh, I guess I should update on the CutCo thing – the past few weeks, things have been coming up that have limited my ability to attend training, so I just finally told them I’d call them when I was able to attend a session.  Likely, that won’t happen, so I suppose my adventure in selling cutlery is over before it began.  I’m a little upset, because I saw some potential in it, but at the same time…I would have had to bug my family and friends for my first leads, and that’s just not really my style.

I’d rather call companies and bug them about Aflac.  I used to do that for other services when I worked as a receptionist at several of my temp jobs, so it wouldn’t be beyond my comfort zone.  Strangers are easier to write off if they’re rude to you, and they also don’t feel guilty if they tell you, “no”.  I can manipulate them without feeling bad about it, etc.  So we’ll see.  If it’s a mass interview like the CutCo thing, I’m probably going to have a “lolwut” moment and walk out, but if it’s one-on-one, I’ll sure as hell feel a lot better about it.  I’ve read that they do both, so we’ll see what happens.

I applied for a job that only requires an Associate’s in Psychology – and it’s outpatient substance abuse counseling, which, HELLO, is what I went to college for, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and am getting my hopes up about it.  Sure it’s dangerous to do that, but I have to have something to hope for, and I would love to have that job.  It’s anything from part-time to full-time, they encourage students to apply, and they PAY for you to get your CAC I (certification for counseling on the lowest level, basically) during the first year you work there.  I’m ridiculously hopeful about this.

ALSO, I applied for a part-time position at Banfield, again.  THIS time, it would only be the CSC position, which is the part of the job I really liked doing.  The Pet Counselor thing, while it was nice of them to get me in under that title, was a little weird.  I have one disciplinary mark on my profile from them, but that was two years ago, and it was for posting those puppy photos (not re-posting them for those who missed it – sorry, I actually WANT to work there, again) and using pseudonyms for the names of the vets involved.  I’m sure if it hasn’t expired, it’s not going to matter much.  Well, I hope not, anyway.  The current office manager (there are only two people who work there that I still know) is really nice, and I was recommended by one of the current employees, so that’s another one I’m ridiculously hopeful about.  I really enjoyed that job, overall.  And part-time, right now, is fine.  (If you’re a Banfield headquarters employee, and you’ve found this blog entry, I’ll go ahead and say, again, that despite whatever happened in the past, I hold no ill-will over it.  I’m serious – I don’t “do” the whole brown-nosing thing for stuff – I prefer to get along on my own merit.)



I have an appointment with my Lyme doctor tomorrow evening (6pm – so freakin’ weird to have an appointment at night), and I have a laundry list for him.  I’m going to also transfer my prescriptions from my regular doctor to him, because right now, I’m REALLY upset at my regular doctor’s office.  They’re ignoring my requests for refills on non-controlled substances.  I have ONE blood-pressure pill left, and I called in for a refill 5 days ago.  Did they do it?  Nope.  They probably want me to come in since it’s been a little while, but I have no other reason to see them right now, and I can’t afford to go up there just because they want to take my blood pressure and stare at my armpit scar (which they would want to do, seeing as how last time I was in there, I had a few big abscesses).

I figure the one pill will get me through tomorrow, at which point I’ll just point-blank ask my Lyme doctor to write prescriptions for the meds I’m on from my other doc’s office.  I have one refill for my controlled substances, and I’ll use that before turning his prescription in (for anything except the BP meds, obviously), so that I stay “right” with the Walgreens system, which monitors for potential substance abusers.  I need my painkillers and anti-anxiety meds, so being cut off wouldn’t help me at all, and I’m not about to go down illegal paths for this crap, especially since I also intend to bring up the Disability thing with him.  I need help with medical bills, and I need to be able to have proof that I’m getting treatment for this condition.  No insurance company is going to touch me.

Politically, I’m not happy with this development.  Personally, I’ve realized that I can’t keep going the way I am and expect any results.

Also, as I mentioned before, I’m going to talk to him about weaning me off of the Cymbalta.  I have two weeks’ worth left, and I can take one every other day for a couple of weeks before just stopping.  That’ll do wonders for my liver.

Speaking of which, the rash over my liver has been nearly constant this past month, though it’s gotten smaller and bigger at weird intervals.

Those on my Facebook have seen these already, but this is how puffy my face is when I wake up, some mornings (indicative of kidney compromise):

So I'm part Native American (i.e. old-school Asian). You can see it, here, as my eyelids have disappeared. I'm opening my eyes as wide as I can in this photo without involving my eyebrows. Seriously.

This is the biggest smile I can manage in this situation. I look like the Cat Man. Moon face, swollen nose, swollen eyelids, no room for muscles to do what they need to do. Who needs botox?

Even a Myspace angle can't help when you have this kind of swelling going


Why yes, that is a bra hanging behind my head.  And a box of Gas-X to the left.  And a plunger.  The bathroom has the best lighting when used in conjunction with my flash, hence all the photos in there.

Also, note the time in the first photo:  4:20.  LULZ.  And no, the dilated pupils are NOT from drugs.  My pupils didn’t react to the light or flash, because I’d literally just woken up.  I hadn’t even taken my morning pain medication, yet.

Someone said, in response to the third photo, that I look like a Romulan.

Anyway, so my kidneys aren’t happy (this is a response to the systemic candida infection – the same thing happens with some diabetics, and I’m dealing with insulin resistance, or hypoglycemia), my liver’s not happy (no jaundice, yet, hence no hospital visit), and I’m having pain consistent with diverticulitis (also a response to the candida) and gallstones, so, basically, my endocrine and digestive systems are like, O GOD MY LIFE, and my only recourse is weaning off of liver-damaging drugs (see above with the Cymbalta), and fighting the candida so that I can finally fight the Lyme.


While I’m at the office, I’m also going to get a note about my treatment and submit it to Capella to try to get a medical leave of absence to hopefully get that charge off of my account for the class I wasn’t able to complete any work in due to my treatment.  Because, seriously, even typing hurts when your body’s entire immune system is compromised.

Speaking of money-related stuff, I got a bill in the mail yesterday from the office that confirmed the MRSA infection.  I wasn’t made aware at the doctor’s office that I would be charged for lab work, so I’m calling them tomorrow to find out WTF is going on, because I don’t have $220 to send the lab’s way, especially since the surgery already cost $320, and the labs should have been included.  I mean, seriously.  Come ON.

So, once again, I’ll turn your attention to the link at the top left in the sidebar.  If you’ve got some extra cash (and I know not a lot of people do, so whatever’s given is really appreciated), I could sure use it.

I’m definitely trying.  Things just aren’t progressing very well.

And, over 2,000 words later, I’m going to go ahead and stop typing.

2 comments to MOAR updates.

  • Wow, I keep forgetting that when you post an update, it’s more like a novella. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just that I suppose I admire your dedication to typing everything down. Most of my blog posts are short blurbs because I tend to lose my patience when typing.

    Anyways, I’ll be sure to throw in a good word to a deity of my choice, if that helps you get either of those cool jobs. But, having someone on the inside doesn’t hurt, either (it’s the only reason I got my job).

    Oh, and as far as those pictures go, Romulans are bad ass, man.

    • Yeah, if I updated every day, there’d be less to tell, but nothing really exciting happens to me on a daily basis, so there’s really no point.

      If I could make someone pass out by squeezing their shoulder, I would do it all day.