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And so now I have to try to get creative with titles, again.

I’ve been tutoring a couple of people for extra cash these past couple of weeks.

This week, I made enough to pay for my storage unit for the month.  As an aside, I totally forgot about it until like, today, 2 days after the bill was due.  So I’m going to have to call and pay that as soon as I’m done with this entry.

Anyway, the tutoring is fun, I’m good at it, and it’s good money, but finding students is kind of difficult.  I’m technically employed by a tutoring company, but the only students I get are ones I track down OUTSIDE of the system, because the payment area on my “employer”‘s page?  Is just ridiculous.  Also, they get 40% of my fee for the first [insert arbitrary number here] students I tutor through them.  Then my cut gets larger, but…yeah.  Most of the tutoring gigs are short-term, like for ASVAB or ACT.

One of my students is ESL, and I’m not sure how long I’ll be helping him, because it’s with conversational English.  As anyone from here knows, phrases and slang come and go faster than…well, I could be crude here, but I’ll just say that, as an example, “That’s hot” (Paris Hilton) was a fad for a couple of months, and then turned into sarcasm very quickly.  I say it, still, but usually only when Forrest belches or one of the cats pukes on the carpet.  Or I fart.  Let’s be honest – everyone does it.

The point is, I have to explain this kind of stuff to the student, and while it’s difficult, it’s so much fun.  I love it.  I’m good at teaching, as I’ve once again discovered.  Because this is conversational English, I’m helping him with parts of speech as well as slang, and I got to teach him what “pimp my ride” meant this past week.  Seriously.  I got paid for that.

My other current student (whom I may only see through next week, unless she needs help during the school year) is a high-schooler reading The Once and Future King. THAT job consists of explaining what the hell certain old-English words mean (like “quintain”, “fewtered”, and “gules”), and helping to keep this ADHD kid on the ball by making the book interesting.  Luckily, she loves to read, so I mainly have to explain definitions for her, and just help her understand what’s going on, contextually.  She’s very bright.  Just ADHD.

(Uh, I’m continuing this like, 3 hours later…I got distracted…speaking of ADHD…)

However much fun I have with tutoring, though, it’s not enough to pay all of my bills, unless I can get the equivalent of 20 hours per week doing it.  Right now?  I have 3 hours, for sure, for the next few months…7.5 next week.  After that?  I mean, 3 hours.  It helps, yes.  Don’t get me wrong.  But yeah…bills.

Anyway, none of the positions I posted about last time have worked out.  It turns out the addictions counseling thing is an internship.  Banfield hasn’t called me.  Etc.

I have a couple of other part-time things that friends have tipped me off about, and one of my job-finding services is turning my resume in for a receptionist position.  So we’ll see what happens.


2 comments to And so now I have to try to get creative with titles, again.

  • I was listening to part of the Kim Kommando show this week-end and she mentioned something yo might look into.
    I only heard part of it, but it has something to do with tutoring asians in English over the phone. Just conversational english.

    Sorry that I didn’t get more info, but you understand search engines :-)

  • Yeah, sometimes I think my boring little life could use a bit of excitement, but then that’s when something invariably shitty happens. I guess I should be more careful what I wish for.