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This? Is partly why I don’t drink any more.

Do you see the person in the blue shirt, grinding with all her might?

No.  More.  Vodka.

You know, the redhead?

Yeah…that would be me, age 23, at basically the only college party I ever attended.

The gal holding my waist, and the gal in the rainbow-striped shirt, are both from Ireland, and were visiting through the…get this…Writing Center.  We attended something called Sofapalooza (held at CBU every year), I don’t like beer (which was provided there…note the wristband), so I drank a shitload of vodka before we left, and basically made an ass of myself.

There’s a photo of me, somewhere, on stage, shaking my ass at the crowd.

I also allowed this photo to be taken of me, where it is STILL on Facebook (though I don’t think I’m tagged, thank goodness):

So, yeah.  Seriously.  No more vodka.

This is my "O" face.

Y’all, don’t drink and dance.  Someone could get hurt.

19 comments to This? Is partly why I don’t drink any more.

  • motherslittlehelper

    your poor mother

  • Rush baby

    The black dude looks weirded out!

  • Rick


    Are those cigarettes in your hip pocket young lady??

    • motherslittlehelper

      it had better be a wallet.

      • …because you’d…what, exactly, if they weren’t? Heh. I know the impression cigarettes made in those pants. I also know that, because of how tight and stretchy those pants were, the cigs were likely to be crushed if I left them in there for too long. I usually carried them in my purse, when I did carry them. And I smoked them like cigars. Usually cloves, because of how they tasted. Swishers when I didn’t have much money. Too much information? :-P

    • It’s my ID-holder. My keys were in the other pocket. I took a sweatshirt, but I have no idea where I put it while all of this was going on.

  • ParatrooperJJ

    That’s fucking awesome!!!!!!!!! :)~

  • It pretty much just looks like you were having fun!

    As a life-long more-or-less non-drinker, I sort of wish I had more embarrassing drunk Carrie stories. To be honest, though, I really do not need any help making a fool out of myself, and I have plenty of pics to prove it. So I guess it’s just as well.

    • Man, the whole time those “Irish kids” were there, we had so much fun! I have a DVD around here somewhere of our exploits, and a shit-ton of photos on my main CPU.

      I’d just gone back to college, and having new people around that I got along with really well kind of drove me to get shit-faced and act stupid. Liquid courage, fo’ sho’. I have all kinds of embarrassing drunken stories starring myself…my early 20s were awesome in that way…heh.

      I ALSO have plenty of embarrassing sober stories, which is another reason why I don’t drink any more. When you’re medically clumsy, drinking to intensify your stumbling and slurring just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  • wowsers. that is all.

  • Ben

    I’ve had a fair few random drunken nights, that’s for sure. I’ve stopped drinking too :)