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Old Photos – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My mom sent me an email with a metric ton of photos in it.  I posted most of them on Facebook, already, but I know not everyone who reads this is on Facebook, or my “friend” over there (I’m totally fine with that, for several reasons), so I’m going to post a few of them here for your entertainment.  I can’t seem to get them to post in chronological order within a gallery, so I’m going to post a few at a time over several entries.

Seriously, this is a lot better than things I have to write about that have happened in the past few days.  Like me getting verbally abused by a nurse practitioner in front of witnesses.

Let’s looks at happy, silly photos of Bonnie as a baby instead, yes?  (Click any photo to make it larger.)

I HAS A CAPE. 1986

My godmother's son and me. 1985

Second verse, same as the first. 1985

My mom disagrees, but I think I look like a troll in the two previous photos.  Danny (my godmother’s son) is only 9 days older than I am.  We had joint birthday parties a few times.  When we were turning 6 (I think), I stuck my hand in the cake for some unknown reason, and was REALLY upset about it.  My compulsion-related craziness goes waaaaaay back.

Portrait session. 1986



I hated that my Cabbage Patch kid (which is still in a tub in my storage unit, after all these years) was in sports clothing, but it was the only redheaded one, I think, so that’s the one I got.  Clearly, I’m still ecstatic about it AND about getting my photo taken.  Y’all really have no idea what I would do to get into a picture when I was younger.

PJs and sippy cups. ~1985

Jerica (far left) said that this was our cutest stage of life.  She still makes that face in photos, Becky (center) still looks dubious about a lot of things, and, as I just mentioned, I was just happy to have my photo taken.  HAM HAM HAM HAM HAM.

5th Birthday. 1988

This photo makes me laugh SO HARD.  Jerica’s looking at me like she’s worried I’m going to spit on the cake, and Becky’s standing back, looking convinced that I already have.  Yes, that’s a chocolate bundt cake.  Yes, that wallpaper is SO 80s, and I’m wearing a PeeWee’s Playhouse tee.  Those two cages contain hamsters…Pinky (big fat teddy bear hamster) and…Spock?  I think?  I come by my animal-crazy honestly.  We also had a parakeet (which hated everyone except my mom), a cat, and would soon get a bunch of fish and a dog.  And the cat would have kittens, one of which we would keep.  What I’m trying to say is that we were crazy, and this photo kind of illustrates it perfectly.

One more, and then I’ll stop:

Check the moonboots. Oooooh, yeah! ~1988(?)

That folding chair was also a Christmas present.  I REALLY wanted one.  What can I say?  I was a weird kid.  I wore those shoes on “Funky Footwear Day” in Kindergarten, and everyone was like, “Uh, those aren’t weird.”  Because it was the 80s, and I was actually trendy, for once.

That’s my dad standing off to the side, in his VELOUR polo shirt.  I inherited a few of those in 8th grade, and actually wore them.  They looked good on me, actually, no joke.

This concludes the current installment of “Bonnie’s Past”.  Hope you enjoyed it!

4 comments to Old Photos – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  • motherslittlehelper

    first pic was spring of 86. you were still 2 but you turned 3 that year.

  • What an adorable kid you were!

    My two, 4 and turning 7 TODAY, are the same way. They will do ANYTHING to get their picture taken. The 4 year old moreso than the 7 (she’s getting over it).

    It’s fun to go back and see ourselves when we were young and happy.