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Happy Independence Day!

I will be staying indoors, because it’s cooler in here, and will generally be lazing around while folks do stupid things like aim Roman candles at each other elsewhere in my neighborhood.

I might get crazy and post myself singing the National Anthem later today.  YOU NEVER KNOW.

Things suck right now, but just remember that we can still utilize what little power we have left to help foster a positive change in our own environments.

I still can’t think of a country I’d rather live in, despite all of our issues.

I’m not going to get hunted down and sent to a camp because I’m bi-sexual.  Or a redhead.  Or a woman.

If I have the desire and the means, I can have 10 kids, and the government can’t tell me “no”.

I can flippantly say that I think our current President is acting like a complete moron, and I won’t be arrested.

(He is, by the way, definitely acting like a complete moron, in my opinion.  Just to clarify.)

New York just made gay marriage legal.

I can write whatever I want on this blog, with the understanding that it’s MY perspective and MY opinion, and there’s very little chance of any litigation stemming from it.

Also?  I get to carry a gun to protect myself.  Fuck, yes.

Everyone, enjoy your 4th, spend it with people you love, and try not to shoot anyone’s eye out with a bottle rocket, for the love of God.

6 comments to Happy Independence Day!

  • Actually, a camp for bi-sexual redheaded women sounds pretty awesome. Long as it’s voluntary.

    “This one time, at BSRW camp…”

    • I was talking to someone about this sort of thing on FB – about how, because of my red hair and bi-sexuality, it’s assumed that I’m a slut or something. I wouldn’t choose that camp…the redheads I’m attracted to? It turns out they’re all natural blondes.

  • Joe Allen

    That’s just ignorant prejudice, assuming all redheads are slutty. It is empirically proven though that they are all barking mad.

    Why is it though, that any sexual preference that deviates from the straight and narrow is assumed to be promiscuous? Never have understood that one.

    • I would ask why you feel the need to argue against sluttiness in anyone who isn’t conventional, sexually, but feel the need to promote the stereotype that redheads are crazy?

  • Sorry, meant to be entirely satirical – clearly no collection of anyone can be said to be entirely “anything”. One can’t even say that all humans are bipedal, omnivorous or sentient – as an example can always be found to prove otherwise.

    Bad writing on my part (along with an absolute refusal to use emoticons) that it wasn’t clear.

    • I get that you were being satirical with the first part, but it was at odds with the second part. I guess I’m still a little touchy about the subject, seeing as how I literally just had a huge discussion with someone about that very thing yesterday. No harm done.