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Shit…16 days? Is that some kind of record for me being quiet when there’s so much going on?

Uh, so this blog’s still here.  Heh.

The problem is that I’ve been either so busy or so tired that I haven’t been able to take the time to make a post.  I’ve just been using FB and Google+ to write random updates.

This might seem nonsensical.  I apologize in advance.  I’m exhausted, and my brain is on auto-post.

As some of you may already know, I finally found a job.  It’s boring, it’s mindless while also somehow being infuriatingly complicated, and I don’t get paid a lot.  But it’s full-time, at a desk, and I get insurance starting in…let’s see…probably November.  Until that point, I have an income, so I can afford to pay out of pocket the way I have been.  At the rate of pay I’m making, my bills are covered, and once I get settled, my credit cards are getting consolidated, my student loans are getting re-financed and consolidated, and hopefully I’ll only have to worry about one payment for each of those per month after that.

The insurance has a great dental plan, but no vision.  So I’ll finally get to go to the dentist (after, uh, 10 years), but an eye exam and new glasses (which I also need) are both on me.  Oh, well.  It’s not like that’s now how it’s been since I graduated high school, anyway.

I got this job because two of Forrest’s boss’s daughters work there.  Confusing?  Yeah.  But, ultimately, it was nepotism that got me employed.  In this economy, I don’t feel bad about that.

There is DRAMA at this job.  There are something like 8 or 9 total employees, and three of them are men:  the owner, the owner’s son (my boss), and the programmer (who has Asperger’s, and I’m not even kidding).  Two of the females are related, one is their best friend, and then there’s “everyone else”…which now includes me.

I’m not going to go into the specifics of how everyone relates to each other, but the owner said to me, yesterday, “We all have to have respect for each other, and sometimes that just doesn’t happen.”  He’s an older man (60s?  70s?), is nice but kind of clueless about the actual work involved in some of the stuff he asks us to do (while recognizing that it’s difficult, he expects super-human speed…lulz, y’all), but he’s already gotten me involved in another project that takes people skills, patience, and more than just data-entry, so he’s paying attention to the fact that I’m picking this job up quickly.

Oh, and his comment was said to me after one of the sisters loudly complained in the main office that someone called her an idiot due to the way she’d done something.  Apparently, it’s her hobby to call other people stupid (she did it to me, last week, regarding something I had absolutely nothing to do with), so, uh…karma’s a bitch.

There is the usual speculation that someone’s sleeping with someone else, even though both parties are married, and while I can see it, I can also see how those doing the speculating should just shut the hell up…particularly when their “proof” is that one party sent the other party a text, and the person receiving the text didn’t let the gossip-queen read the text.  NYGDB, lady.  It proves nothing other than the fact that the party in question doesn’t like his phone being screwed around with by other people.  I don’t blame him.

I can actively see, however, why so much drama and gossip happens.  The ONLY thing that happens in the office is the drama created.  The job is actually THAT tedious.  Yes, we’re busy.  Yes, our part in the job is important.  But DAMN…you have to create your own entertainment, and in an office full of women, that means DRAMA ZOMG.  I put on my iPod, do my work, ask questions when I have them, and otherwise try to stay out of it.

I’m in the midst of my second week, and I think I’ve already witnessed all of the highs and lows of this position.  I remember, now, why I went back to school and had aspirations beyond office work.  Heh.

My co-workers are convinced I’m some sort of genius (one girls calls me “Dictionary” after having conversations with our boss in which she didn’t understand something he said…I have to translate for her), and a gal who’s out of the office this week is starting nursing school next semester, and plans to utilize me as a study aid.  Everyone was shocked that I was able to do more than just take notes on my first day (I actually processed invoices).  If someone has a question about something that isn’t work-related, everyone looks at me for an answer before anyone else.  Unless it’s gossip – they can keep that stuff the hell away from me.  When THAT’S directed toward me, I say, “Okay” or some other appropriately “I heard you, but I’m not getting into that” response, and then just keep doing what I’m doing, unless I have anything helpful to add to the conversation, such as, “You know, [redacted] has some personal shit she’s taking care of, so she’s just taking it out on us…let it go.”

“Let it go” is not this office’s policy.  *sigh*

Anyway, basically, what I do is enter invoices into a system, and either approve them for payment or send them other directions if there are problems with us being able to pay.  On average, I am to do this 150 times per day.  Hence, the iPod.

I’m on some 60-day trial, because the gal who worked there before me literally lasted two months before they fired her for doing jack shit.  There’s no way you CAN’T do something at this job, so that girl had to have been either brilliant or actually retarded.  After the 60 days, I get a pay bump, permanent employee status, and those previous 60 days go toward my 90 days needed for insurance.

Ah, the excitement of employment.

Seriously, though, I AM excited.  I’m trying to find new and interesting ways to wear my ridiculously small business-casual wardrobe (without resorting to skirts).  I’m going to slowly add to it when I can.  Casual Friday, as it turns out, is VERY casual.  Ripped jeans and sweatshirts were seen last week.  I wore my nicest jeans and a nondescript tee shirt (with a Firefly motif).  Good to know, however, that wearing my older, broken-down jeans wouldn’t be out of place.  I’m all about being comfy.

It’s funny – I was on the computer all day while unemployed, but this whole “active sitting” that I’m doing at work is so different that my body’s like, “Dude.  Ow.  Slouch or something, please.”  O HAI, IBUPROFEN!

Sophie’s not taking it well.  I thought she was a velcro-substitute before…she’s like, 10 times worse now.  MOMMA WAR DID U GOES?  I’MMA LAY ALL OVER U, KK?

KK, Sophie.  Just stop making biscuits on my bladder, and we’re good.

Overall impression, so far, in case you had a case of tl;dr:  The job’s okay, it’s just going to take getting used to as far as dealing with the other employees is concerned.  I’m damned lucky to have it, and I’m not going to toss it for a stupid reason.  Also, Sophie will get over it.


3 comments to Shit…16 days? Is that some kind of record for me being quiet when there’s so much going on?

  • Tracie

    Man, if texting a coworkers means you’re sleeping with that person…then I’ve slept with EVERYONE in this newsroom.

    Glad to hear the job is at least going well — for the most part.

  • Good to hear you’re gainfully employed and able to rule the intellectual roost among your colleagues. Though, I have a hard time tying to visualize that it isn’t the norm for you. Anyways, hooray for nepotism! It’s the only way I got my job…

    • Yeah, it’s the norm, but in this case, it’s a startlingly huge difference. If my keyboard worked better, I’d type out ALL the drama, but I’m about to do a Cliff’s Notes.