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They’re really using “terrorist” loosely these days.

This is the article in the NYT about how Ron Paul’s group managed to raise over $4mil yesterday through

Congrats to them, by the way. That’s pretty neat.

Here’s where I start getting pissy with NYT (what else is new?) (emphasis mine):

Many fans of Mr. Paul know of the day primarily through a movie based on the futuristic graphic novel “V for Vendetta,” by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, in which a terrorist modeled after Fawkes battles a fascist government that has taken over Britain.


They either haven’t seen V for Vendetta, or they’ve really missed the point.

V doesn’t engage in terrorism. He just does things that the government doesn’t like. That’s NOT the same thing.

Mailing masks to people is terrorism?

How about the little girl who was shot by the police for wearing that mask?

I’d say the cops, in that case, were a much higher source of terrorism than V.

Particularly the “curfew cops”. Seriously. Raping someone for being out late, and arresting people (or keeping them in fear of being arrested) for possessing older relics of past civilizations isn’t terrorism?

Alright, David D. Kirkpatrick, get a grip.

Yes, he blows up Parliament, but wouldn’t you agree that, in this case, it was not only warranted, but a wonderful way of stopping the sort of home-grown terrorism that we all have to fear?

4 comments to They’re really using “terrorist” loosely these days.

  • Lesley

    They’re obviously trying to win favor with the Bush administration by using their very liberal definition of “terrorism.”

  • brenna

    hey… I got sucked into Facebook… feel free to add me if you like (email as listed for this comment).


    And yes… dude has ZERO concept of the point of V.

  • And V specifically did everything he could to AVOID needless deaths. Terrorists do everything they can to ensure needless deaths.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Lesley – Heh. Probably.

    Brenna – Added! And I agree.

    Mark – Exactly! Stupid media people.