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MOAR music.

I’m posting the one…you can follow the link to the rest (“Reddie McDeadeye” is how I was listed on the roster of an event at which I recently sang, so…yeah.)

For TD, because he’s the one who introduced me to the song. ¬†And also because I hope to see him soon.
Hell or High Water – (Acoustic Cover) by Reddie McDeadeye

4 comments to MOAR music.

  • Just want to say you have an awesome voice! And great taste in music, I’m beginning to suspect. Why don’t we live in karaoke and jamming distance? Seriously.

  • We should definitely work up something. I’m very much first soprano (no, I don’t need help with that lightbulb. The whole world revolves around me). I have a friend setting up a mobile recording booth too. She’s currently doing the cruise ship circuit though…

    • I flirt with the tenor, and he does it for me. :-P

      I have a friend with a studio set-up, here. All we’d have to do is figure out what song we wanted to do, run-through it and record it while you were in Memphis *cough*SOON*cough*, and BAM. :-D