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I am awesome at procrastinating.

My tags expired in September.

I got my vehicle inspected in early October.

I failed the inspection, because I needed an oil change.

Between that time and now, I was fired from my job, got sick, sang at a benefit, got sick again, had tutoring students cancel on me enough to put a dent in my bank account, and had Forrest attempt to change my oil for me.

He was unsuccessful, because removal of my skid plate is necessary for changing my oil.  (That sounds like an awesome euphemism.  I shall be employing it in the future.)

I was finally able to get out to get my oil changed yesterday, after convincing the place I took me car to that yes, I am aware that synthetic oil is thinner and better for aluminum caps, and yes, I’m fine with conventional 5W30, particularly in the winter, when overheating isn’t going to be much of a problem (I don’t run the heat much, because it works SO well that I don’t need to).  That difference in oil types saved me approximately $50, so yeah, I’m TOTALLY okay with conventional oil, thanks.  My car is old, and I kind of hate it, anyway.

I drove my car around a bit after the oil change, to get the new oil through my system, and I’m going to attempt to get my car inspected, yet again, within the hour.  If I fail this time, I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  Okay, I am sure, but I’d like to go through proper channels, if possible.

Not that my other channel isn’t technically legal.  It’s just more of a pain in the ass.

Still job-hunting.  Have a few leads.  The job market is BLEAK in Memphis, especially for someone who can’t do manual labor.

I guess I’ll go sit in a line in my car, now.

(P.S. – feedback on those songs I posted would be nice, kthx.  I didn’t just post them to have content.)

3 comments to I am awesome at procrastinating.

  • As a fellow band nerd, I recommend that you cue up some Alford right now. Sousa is all well and good when things are going ok, but the Brits have more experience with things going pear-shaped and still keepin’ on.

    “The Great Little Army” is injecting itself into my brain from my headphones right now.

  • Oh, Standard of Saint George has just come up! I do so love my Alford CD!

  • I’m not quite sure how needing an oil change would cause your car to fail inspection? Odd.