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Closing a few story lines.

Re:  Hatfield & Associates:

So that chick who worked with me?  That I figured was going to get fired the Monday after I did?  They waited until the following Wednesday (October 26th, for those playing at home…while I was fired on the 21st) to fire her.

I don’t just have a theory about this, I have some pretty rock-solid evidence:  they needed her gone in order to make firing me not look retaliatory.  In order to fire her, they had to root through browser histories and concoct a story about how the two of us apparently fucked around for 2 hours on a Saturday, thereby stealing time (and money!) from the company.  (Their “evidence” is that during that time, in which she and I were both sorting bills [and are our own witnesses, which means shit to them], Youtube was on my browser…because in their minds it’s impossible to listen to music and work at the same time?  even though the auditors all do it every day?)

Strange, though – they paid me for the time that I allegedly “stole”…after they fired me for “stealing” it.  Then they sent me a NEW termination notice (still poorly-worded, with atrocious grammar) outlining their new reason for firing me in great detail (with dialogue and everything!).

Let me say that again:  They fired me before the end of a pay period.  They could have hacked those 2 hours off of my check if they REALLY thought I hadn’t worked, whether they fired me or not.  Citing that I “stole” from the company before anything actually disappeared, on the same day that I made a complaint about a co-worker harassing me…um, that’s a little suspicious, guys.

My co-worker also got paid for the time she “stole” – and of course she would, because neither of us actually took anything.

I’m still looking into the EEOC thing, because there are some weird issues with TN state law (we’re “at will”) that may make a complaint literally not worth it, but I already have a lawyer chomping at the bit to help me, should it get to that point, so we’ll see what happens.


Re:  My Stupid Car:

I failed inspection.  Again.  The hydrocarbons, from what I understand, are the result of incomplete fuel combustion (and fuel evaporation?), but can go up if your car’s oil is ridiculously dirty, according to the first guy who inspected my car.

The goal score for Memphis, proper, is something like 220ppm.  My first inspection, I was at 265ppm.

My second inspection?  After I got my oil changed and all that?  333ppm.

So, yeah, that sucked.  I may have cried.

Anyway, the situation being that I don’t have any roots anywhere, anyway (since before I got married, in mid-2009, I haven’t had my name on internet, cell phone, utility, or other bills attached to an address), I decided that, since my car is insured in Collierville (where they don’t do inspection), I might as well just go for that for the time being.

I was fretting about paperwork, because, as I noted above, I don’t have anything else that goes to that address.  Aside from my car insurance…yeah.  And I needed two items of proof of address.

I grabbed the bill for my storage unit (in Collierville, and registered at the same address as my insurance), and, on a whim, grabbed my divorce-finalization letter from February.  I guess my reasoning there was to prove how transitory my life was, so that they wouldn’t give me shit about not having a utility bill or anything.

Et voila – that’s all they needed.  I showed them the insurance info, my driver’s license, and when my clerk started asking other questions, I slid the letter from the lawyer under the window and told her that life’s been a little uncertain since my divorce.  And it has, so I’m not actually lying.

The funny part came when she tried to renew my plate – she had to get authorization from the state office to delete all evidence of my car having been registered in Tipton County (where I lived with Wasband) before she could renew my car for Shelby County.  While I’m not entirely sure of the reasons behind that, I’m not entirely unhappy about having yet another part of my history there deleted, officially.

So, the point is, my car is now street-legal, because Collierville is a lot less picky about their air quality than Memphis.


I was going to go into more detail about job stuff and whatnot, but it’s depressing.  Several tutoring jobs are coming to a close, and the horizon is bleak as far as applications go (i.e. I keep applying to legit-looking positions that turn out to be scams, or applying and not getting any feedback at all), but I’m still trucking along.

I might start babysitting.  Stranger things have happened, and kids like me, for some reason.  Probably because I don’t talk to them like they’re kids, and it’s novel.  I dunno.  I’m also going to re-vamp my tutoring profile and go hog-wild emailing people about possible tutoring positions.

There’s been some talk about moving in the future, to where there might be some better jobs.  Having that option discussed and in the open with Forrest has been a relief, honestly, for several reasons.  He’s actually been to other cities, as have I, so it’s not just a whimsical “what if?” discussion (as it ended up being with Wasband) – it’s a real possibility.

I begin my grad classes again in January – one class at a time, because it’s what I can handle, and I need to finish this degree.

I have about a month before not having a job will be a real problem, financially.

So…happy thoughts?

Yeah, there are times when ending blog entries is really difficult.  This is one of those times.

3 comments to Closing a few story lines.

  • Davidwhitewolf

    California is an “at will” state. It doesn’t mean shit; I have to play defense all day long against potential suits from potentially disgruntled workers who fall into a protected class (female is one, sexual orientation’s another; they haven’t gotten to redheads yet but maybe your state has). If you look at a suit as a way to make some money (hope that lawyer works on a contingency basis) and not a way to get “justice” you can end up being a real pain in the company lawyer’s ass, and a few months from now you might get a nice settlement.

    • When I flat-out told her that I wouldn’t be able to afford a lawyer, because I thought she was jokingly offering her services (she’s dating one of my best friends, and she’s good friends with Forrest…this is SUCH a small town), she said, and I quote: “No, that’s not the way it works, honey. I win, I get paid. I lose, I get nothing.” So yeah, she works on a contingency basis. She’s a pistol, too, so she’s definitely someone I’d want on my side. I just need to look into a couple of things before I formally file the complaint – I know this is going to be a long fight, and I need to make sure I have the energy for it. I want justice, but having them cover the costs of me being unemployed for a few months (as well as having to get a lawyer) would be nice. If it drove them out of business, I would say a little prayer for the few employees there that I have nothing against, and then I’d say “good riddance”.

      This company’s already shown to discriminate based on gender in their hiring practices. My firing was retaliatory (it might have happened, eventually, but for them to fire me on the day of my complaint, only to re-word the reason when they fired the only other person who could corroborate with my story, nearly a week later, is hinky), I just kind of hate confrontation. It’s why I almost didn’t go in to complain about my harassment in the first place. My former co-worker has also said that she’ll help in any way she can, because she thinks it’s a load of bullshit, too. I’m going to meet up with her in person, soon, to compare termination notices and figure out where their stories differed with regards to why they fired each of us. Inconsistency on their part will be their downfall – you can keep all of the electronic records you want, but when you have two folks independently telling the same story, and your actions surrounding said event are muddy even under the best circumstances (if they’d had a legitimate reason to fire, they should have fired her on Monday, instead of waiting until Wednesday, if their reasoning was sound and they didn’t have to pull things together to make it look legit), you’ve kind of dug yourself into a hole.

      We’re both female, I’m bi-sexual (my co-workers knew this because…), my co-worker is homosexual (we had a few lunch-time discussions about it). Both of us are non-traditional, we’re the only auditors with degrees higher than high school diplomas or GEDs, and we’re female. Yeah, I’d say there was some discrimination going on, as well.

  • Do it. They screwed you over. They made your life miserable. Make them fight it.