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…are we serious, here? This is what we’ve become?

I can’t say it any better than pdb did, via Facebook:

Just to recap, not only has this administration become the #1 supplier of guns to Mexican drug cartels in order to fabricate a justification for more gun control, but they also think they should be able to detain any American, without trial, indefinitely. If you’d still like to claim this guy isn’t a fascist, I submit that now would be the most hilarious time for you to do so.

What’s he talking about?  Our President, showing his ass.  Again.

As the reporter from the article states:

For those who assume a president would never turn down new powers to strip people of their liberty, the ACLU notes that “the last time Congress passed indefinite detention legislation was during the McCarthy era, and President Truman had the courage to veto that bill.”

Guess what, folks?  Truman was a Democrat.  I only point this out because it shows how far removed from reality politics have become.  A Democrat turned down the opportunity to put “I have, in my hand, a list…” in action during a time when we, as a nation, were seriously freaking the hell out about Communism and the threat to national security.   All we’re dealing with is another “-ism”, only this time our Fearless Leader is showing…well, fear.

What do people do when they’re afraid?  Fight or flight.  You may think this is “fight” on the part of Obama, but it’s not.  It’s “flight” – the path of least resistance.  Suspect someone of terrorism?  Good, just lock them up!  Problem solved!

Compare this to Truman, who was up against one of the smack-talkin’-est, mud-slingin’-est guy at the time (a guy who had millions of people behind him, to a point of true lunacy and stupidity) – and he said, “No.”  Do you think that made him popular?  Nope.  Was it the right thing to do?  You bet  your ass it was.  Why did he make that decision, when our current president can’t seem to wrap his head around the consequences?

I’m willing to bet that WWII being a lot further in our past at this point has something to do with it.

2 comments to …are we serious, here? This is what we’ve become?

  • Oh, not to mention the Norfolk (UK) pigs raiding a climate-realist blogger and taking away his computers at the request of Holder’s DoJ. He did make fun of the silly Warmists (watermelons), who unfortunately have the Big Boys with Money on their side.

  • P.s. As a non-theist, you might find this strange, but one of the reasons Harry did the right thing is the same reason he bent down and kissed The Book when he was sworn in. He really did believe he answered to a Higher Authority, to misquote the old Hebrew National commercial.

    I betcha Barry Soetoro had his fingers crossed behind his back when he swore the Oath.