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Gun Blog Black List

Random list of how I feel about certain issues coming up lately.

- I’d say that people who’ve been convicted of felonies shouldn’t be able to join the military, but then I think about how you can pretty much commit a felony by farting in front of the wrong person. THEN I think that maybe if the gub’ment had a smaller pool of people to work with in terms of forming/maintaining a military, they’d possibly re-consider some of the things they consider crimes. It’s a nice theory, anyway.


-Hilary seriously just needs to give it up and go home. She’s such a bitch. You know why there won’t be a woman president any time soon? Because the women who would run are the ones who completely defy our expectations of what women should be, from an evolutionary perspective. Call me sexist, but that’s the honest-to-god truth. We’re supposed to think of women as nurturing – in whatever sense you want to take that. And who do we get? Riceburner and Hellary. Some guys might find that attractive, but “in Girl World” (as they say on Mean Girls), the ones who act like that are usually hiding some pretty big insecurities, and those insecurities usually come out when they’re under fire. Not exactly what we need in office.

(note: yes, guys do this, too…but guys are usually less likely to share their emotional shortcomings with the rest of the world, whereas women are freakin’ MADE to do that)


-I think it’s sorta hysterical how the current administration is wanting to invade Iran just before the end of the presidential term. You know why this is, right? It’s so that when the next president comes in, Bush and Cheney can watch them flounder in the face of the mess that was left and say, “See? They can’t do any better of a job than we did.”

Obviously, war is not funny. And immature people in the highest office in the country are not funny, either. But the concept? HI-larious.


-So meanwhile, the dollar is going to shit. I don’t have much to say about that. I just think it sucks. The bubble’s going to burst any day now. Especially with the earlier forced Christmas-shopping season we’ve been experiencing year after year. I mean, shit, why not just post a sign in your store that says, “Christmas keeps us out of the red. Buy now!” Oh, wait. That would be honest. I forgot that it doesn’t quite work that way.


-The Brits seriously get grants for some of the weirdest, most pointless research EVER.

I, too, am waiting for the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow…European vs. African.


-It’s less than 40oF this morning. Yay for things finally feeling like the season we’re in!

5 comments to Random list of how I feel about certain issues coming up lately.

  • Naw, saggy boobs couldn’t have been gravity all along, could they???

    Yay, cold weather! We finally got some, too.

  • There should be some standard for what a felony is. In Ohio, if I move my carry gun from holster to lockbox at a stop light, that’s a felony, and has a more severe penalty than punching someone in the face. A felony should require a victim, or a significant risk of severe harm.

  • Fail Male

    On the war front you may be right but honestly it doesn’t matter what Bush does now, as soon as the dem takes office (who ever it is, it will be a democrat) they will pull our troops out and then the real mess will start. i’m not for occupation and trying not to sound like GWB and failing miserably at it, if we pull all our troops the terroist will have won. Does anyone, lib or conserv, think that if we pull out the terrorist will say “Ok thats all we wanted guys, we’ll back off now too. hugs hugs and kisses kisses” Um, i don’t recall us being at war with them when they flew planes into our buildings. Oh well theres my 2 cents on the topic.

  • I’m not dead yet!

    (Sorry, gotta go Python on this)

  • Squeaky Wheel

    phlegmfatale – Noooo, surely not! Also – it’s 30 degrees this morning. I am in HEAVEN.

    Sevesteen – I completely agree.

    Fail Male – I totally agree – we can’t just LEAVE. I mean, shit, if we do, it’d be like pouring water in an anthill without following up with the poison. You ever do that? It’s not pretty. I’m not comparing them to ants, but the concept is the same. We went in there, we pissed them off, and if we leave now, there will just be more problems over there, and also headed our way. I don’t know WHAT we should do, but immediately pulling out just isn’t a good idea.

    doubletrouble – I think I’ll go for a walk!