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And now for the life update.

…because why do people come here?  I honestly don’t know, but the train wreck of my life has to be part of it.

My car’s pretty much done as a reliable vehicle.  It still runs, but there are some electrical and transmission issues that I can’t afford to fix, so I’m looking to get another car.  This is proving more difficult than I thought it would be.  I had a Volvo on the line, but the owner has disappeared off of the face of the Earth after agreeing to meet with me today for me to inspect the car and have it taken to my mechanic for a once-over, at my expense.  So I get to call my mechanic tomorrow (I had made an appointment and everything, you guys!  GAH!) and explain to him that the owner flaked, for whatever reason.  I have to assume she flaked, because up until yesterday, plans were going ridiculously smoothly. [update: I just got confirmation from the friend who referred me that yes, the woman is flaky.  Awesome.]

So now I get to brave the wilds of the car lots, I suppose.  I’d gone to look for a car last weekend – I had an appointment to see a Corolla and a Civic (both cars I’m familiar enough with to feel comfortable either fixing minor stuff myself or having friends help…also, they’re inexpensive to have most issues fixed), and through what can only be described as the most unexpectedly lol-tastic series of events, ever, the Corolla didn’t run, the Civic’s key had been hidden by another salesman (he thought he had a buyer RIGHT THEN, but ironically, the car didn’t sell for a few more days, to another buyer – what an asshole), and the only other car they had in my price range was a 2002 Focus which, as the salesman said, “…needs a new hood.”  Um, no, thanks.

My tax return from last year is going to go a long way toward this purchase, since I made such a pitiful amount of money last year that I got EIC, and while one could argue that I could use that money to fix the car I have, I want that monster (and the memories associated with it) out of my life.  I don’t expect to get a lot for it, but it’s worth at least $1000, as-is, so that’s something.



I didn’t post about this, but the day before my performance (which was Groundhog Day…I’m really glad I didn’t have to live that day over and over again), I passed out from…wait for it…cramps.  Forrest found me on the floor when he came home from lunch.

I called my doctor, and they were like, “Um, go to the ER?”  Since the ER would have cost a shitload of money, wouldn’t have been productive, and would have resulted in me being prescribed painkillers (which weren’t helping – I was already on lortab when it happened), I nixed that idea and called my gyno, instead.  They were a little more concerned, and made an appointment for the following Monday, after telling me that if  was in comparable pain on Friday, that I should come in, immediately.  Being me, I performed on Friday thanks to alcohol and diazepam.  Yes, I know it wasn’t a great idea.  Yeah, I was actually in quite a bit of pain during my performance, and probably should have canceled.  However, I made it through (I got sick from exhaustion for the next few days, I won’t even lie), and went to my appointment the following Monday.

I got an ultrasound and a brief exam, and was put on progesterone.  They found NOTHING through either exam, but I’m going back in May for a follow-up to see if the hormones have helped at all, and to get a more thorough exam to make sure there isn’t anything going wrong that they couldn’t test for, last time.

So far, this month’s menstrual adventure (THIS IS WHY YOU KEEP COMING BACK, ADMIT IT) has been less-than-awesome, but manageable.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the hormones continue to work, and that I can eventually not have to take the lortab at all, for anything.



Okay, so my accompanist and friend, Jason (the guy wearing the awesome shirt in the post below) got me an electric guitar (used, on Craigslist, while looking for a project guitar for himself), and Forrest bought me a miniature Marshall amp, so I can actually PRACTICE guitar with two perks:

1.  My fingers don’t hurt as badly when I play the electric.

2.  I don’t have to worry about damaging an expensive and out-of-production prized possession owned by a friend.

Here’s a terrible cell phone photo of both items:


I’ve played with both a few times, and I like them, though the guitar probably needs new strings.


Tutoring has come to an unexpected point where I have two students, both on the same day.  One student decided he didn’t want to join the military, after all, and so Wednesday will be my last day with him, unless he needs help with college classes.  Another suddenly got the Work Schedule of Doom and doesn’t have time for sessions (her bosses are, apparently, preparing for her impending departure by trying to get her to do as much as possible in as short a period of time as possible).  Still another kept canceling at LITERALLY the last minute, and I had to cut him loose, because I’m not wasting gasoline just for you to tell me when I call to ask where you are that work called you in (when I can hear you playing video games, no less).  I’m putting out feelers for more students, and am still applying for a ton of jobs, but when you have 500 people vying for the same position, even with overlap, the chances of actually landing an interview are low, even with experience.


I’m looking into going into teaching, specifically speech pathology (special education, basically, is almost entirely rooted in speech pathology, because it’s all about communication methods and patience).  I’ve requested information from a couple of local schools, and honestly, with some of the successes I’ve had with my students in private tutoring, I feel like this is a good in-between for counseling (what I’m currently taking classes for, and what I would like to do, ideally) and teaching (which I also enjoy, and have a knack for, it seems).  There are grants and things that I can look into for support during school, and it would pretty much guarantee that I would have a job when I got out, because there is (surprise, surprise) a huge demand for SpEd teachers in TN.


There’s more, but I’ve written more than 1,000 words, and my hands are cramping up, so I’m calling it quits.


At some point, things will get better and easier.   I just have to keep trying and not let myself get bogged down in the sand traps.

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