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Santorum’s out. [and so, apparently, is my attention span]

Easter weekend and a sick child have proven to be the ingredients necessary to take Santorum out of the Presidential race.  He says he’s going to try for the Southern states in a couple of months, but…yeah, we don’t really count when it comes to elections, unfortunately.  We’re not dense enough in population, guy.

There’s also the whole “Mitt Romney” thing, but I don’t want to talk about that, right now.

When Santorum won the primaries in Tennessee, I wanted to throw up, almost as much as I want to puke knowing that Obama will probably win this election, again.

In 2008, I felt at least a little like maybe some of the more conservative candidates had a chance to not make giant asses of themselves, and I voted for McCain, mostly with the “lesser of two evils” in mind, after Ron Paul failed to go anywhere post-primary (call me a blasphemer, but Paul’ll probably be dead by the next race).

Knowing that Santorum is definitely out makes me feel a bit better, but…we’re left with incompetence and stupidity, both laced with some sort of evil narcissism.  I refer, of course, to Obama and Romney.

Naturally, Obama is still the favorite in some circles.  In WHAT universe is a 50% job-approval rating “good”?!?  The person writing that article goes on to say that while Romney beats out Obama ([insert Beavis-and-butthead-laugh here]) in a couple of key areas of interest, Obama is more “likable,” and that matters more.

I don’t have to like someone to agree with them, and liking someone doesn’t mean I have to agree with them.  I love Forrest, and he and I disagree on quite a few things.  We just agree to disagree (because they’re not worth the trouble) and move on.

I know people aren’t used to doing that with politics, but I wish more people would.  Judge people based on their actions, not their acting.


ETA:  I abandoned this post to go play flash games online, because all of this political stuff bothers me so much that avoidance has become my go-to for dealing with them.  It ends abruptly because my thoughts end abruptly.

I won’t have that luxury this weekend, I know…I’ll be surrounded by political commentary, and I may learn a thing or two (I haven’t exactly been keeping up with the political climate – once I got out of the swing of gun-blogging, checking news sites for anything else kind of fell to the wayside, as well), which, if I do, great.  If not, I’ll just be where I am, now – ignorant, willfully.  I hate willful ignorance, and I have no justification for it, especially when the future of my damned country is the topic.

As much as I hate willful ignorance, I hate feeling powerless and stressed-out even more.  Politics make me feel powerless and stressed-out.  Thus, I avoid them.

Maybe that will change in the future.  Maybe it won’t.  I should care more – I know I should, especially with my health issues (nearly everything that’s being brought up lately with regard to healthcare and women’s health would affect me, directly, were it put into action), but I just don’t have the energy.

Having said that, Arizona’s doing something stupid that I might have to comment on, here in a bit.  Just as soon as I have a nice, stiff drink at 3:30 in the afternoon.

4 comments to Santorum’s out. [and so, apparently, is my attention span]

  • Tracie

    Castleville is WAY better than real world politics. Any day.

  • I don’t really like politics, but unfortunately I have to try to figure it out. Otherwise I’ll be standing at the side of the road while I try to figure out what new law or policy took my gas, car and everything else.

    • Those are literally the only reasons I pay attention, right now, but if I’m going into education, I’m going to have to pay MORE attention, which I’m not looking forward to, because they’re already screwing around with stuff – they just passed a bill that says that kids can argue with their teachers and refuse to learn evolution. I mean…WTF.