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So yesterday my boyfriend, Danny, informed me that there was an “orange alert” concerning air quality in Memphis due to the fires in Georgia.

Me being, well, ME, I mentally rolled my eyes and kind of went on with stuff.

Well, this morning I woke up with a sore throat. I’m thinking this is the reduced air quality, because while I felt really crappy this morning, as though I was coming down with a fever, now I’m just tired, with itchy eyes and an itchy throat. And a headache like WHOA. Seriously, I wasn’t aware that my EARS could ache along with a migraine.

It doesn’t help that there’s apparently a fire in Bartlett (though I can’t find a news source, a friend of mine came directly from that area to meet me for lunch, and she had to be re-routed – she saw smoke billowing from an area close to the gym she visits), and there’s a decidedly large haze coming from that area, which is maybe 5 miles away from me while I’m at work.

So who in the Southeast could go for an area-wide 3-day-long rainstorm right about now? Show of hands? Anyone?

2 comments to Huh.

  • Todd

    Raises both hands and two feet somehow!!!

    From the burbs of Atlanta

  • Bonnie

    It’s pretty bad here…I can’t IMAGINE what it’s like living down in that area of the country right now. I’d carrying a wet rag over my face all day long.