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Gun Blog Black List

So I guess it’s actually happening.

Jazz is going to pick me up this evening, in about 15 minutes, and we’re going to go to the house and go over the lease.

Honestly, I’m only going so that I’ll know what’s going on. I don’t think I’m even signing the thing. Before you get all up in arms, I have an overdeveloped sense of guilt to keep me honest. Also, Jazz and I will probably draw up our own mini-lease for me, since I’m not paying anything but utilities.

Now I just need to pick up my dress from the gal who’s supposedly hemming it for me (I have to wear it Thursday for dress rehearsal…what? that makes no sense), research renewing my student loans for next semester, and go tell Student Life to kiss my butt, and I will have accomplished all of my “Big” items for the week.

Also, the term “African-American” as a blanket phrase for all black people gets on my nerves a little more each day. Just thought I’d throw that in there, because I don’t have enough controversy in my life.

5 comments to So I guess it’s actually happening.

  • TB

    I prefer to use the term “black”, myself. You already knew that, however. :)

  • brenna

    I imagine the Caribbean Americans and the Portuguese Americans etc… who also happen to be black probably agree with you.

  • I guess I might be called a native-scottish-french-irish-english-welsh-german-swedish-american, But I just call myself an American. color or Race shouldn’t matter, what should matter is your bond, and my word is my bond. If my word isn’t worth it, then niether should I be.

  • Jess

    i am an american. i was born in america, my parents were born in america. just because my great great something or others were scottish or native american, doesn’t make me scottish or native american. btw…my biggest pet peeve right now is people calling native americans indians. native americans are native to america. indians are from india. last thing…african americans are no more african, than i am french. damnit. everybody who lives in america right now, with exception to the few who boast full blooded native american tribal blood came from somewhere else at some point in time. they’re all just americans now. i wish they would get over it.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    TB – Yep. Which is a lot better than the terms your family uses. :-P

    Brenna – I think I’ve told this story, but there was a white guy who was from South Africa who put “African-American” on a form here at CBU, and they told him he couldn’t do that, because he wasn’t black. He sued and won. Perfect example of why that term shouldn’t be used.

    Mark – I’m Prussian-German-French-Algonquin-American, at the very least…heh. And I agree – the more labels you use on someone, the less of a PERSON they become.

    Jess – Me, too.