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Bleg – Help a Harley Woman win a trip to Daytona.

Via an old friend of mine, I received this message:


I am asking a favor…

Teresa is my supervisor at TBI. She is the type of person who always does for others. She constantly gives to her co-workers, employees, and family members and rarely takes anything in return. She loves her Harley and her brother finally convinced her to enter a contest they are having for women who ride. The prize is a trip to Bike Week in Daytona. She needs this trip more than anyone I know and she definately [sic] deserves it. Watch her video and please vote for her (the winner is chosen by those who go to the site and view the video) then pass this on to anyone you know. You can vote everyday but it closes on Dec. 10th.

Please go to this link and put your vote in for Teresa Weston.

Thank you,

[name redacted]

Now, I’m not one to go for “she’s a giving person and needs this trip more than anyone I know” messages, so I went to the link and watched the video to make my own judgment, because that’s just what I do.

Folks, I teared up. Especially at the comment that it’s been the best therapy she’s ever had. And thinking about a couple of siblings being able to share something they both love particularly gets to me. I guess you could call it something of a weak spot.

If you’d like, go on to the site and click on the vote box for Theresa. She’s got a majority vote right now, but just barely.

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