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A quick hello.

Turns out someone around here has unsecured wireless.

It’s not very fast, but it’s enough for me to check email, and I figured it would be enough to let you guys know that everything’s okay. The move is going alright – there’s lots of stuff still to be gone through, but my bedroom is pretty well finished. I’ll upload photos of everything (within reason, of course) when I get “official” access. I don’t think this connection would handle even just one photo, let alone the slew that I’ll be likely to upload in another week or so (or sooner, if I’m at TB’s and free for more than an hour).

I watched The Princess Bride earlier while having a drink, and now I’m watching Free Willy. Ah, nostalgia.

I picked up my cats yesterday, and aside from one minor mishap (one of them gets really nervous on car rides, and meowed the WHOLE time, drooled all over herself, and worked herself up so much that she was sick in her carrier – the bath when we got here was FUN, lemme tell ya – many thanks to TB for holding the yowling mess of teeth and claws that resulted from that), they’re adjusting nicely, though they don’t like to venture downstairs. I suppose that will come with time. Maybe in the couple of nights that I’m gone, they’ll work up some sort of courage and actually look around a bit. I had to bring some food and water up here for them, because they wouldn’t even go down for that. Their litter box is already in my bathroom, so I figured bringing the rest of their stuff up here (they’ve even already figured out that the scratch pad is the only place their claws belong) wouldn’t hurt. I’ll just leave their extra food and water downstairs…if they run out up here, and they get hungry/thirsty enough, they’ll find it. I’m very happy to have them here…I’ve missed them.

Tomorrow morning, my stepmother’s dad is coming over to fix the washing machine. Apparently, something got knocked loose in the bottom when he drove it over here on Thursday morning…I washed some curtains, and water leaked all over the kitchen. It was magnificent, really. Especially while Jazz was trying to paint.

After that, I’m going to pack up some clothes for a couple of days and head to Collierville to spend the holiday with my family and TB.

Wednesday, I’ll be back here, and I’m going to call about internet access. The city was kind enough to leave us a phone book, but, being the city, they left the bag half-opened in a puddle. Hopefully the book will be dried out enough by then for me to look up Comcast (i.e. SATAN INCARNATE) and get something hooked up. When that happens, I’ll be back, full steam ahead. :-)

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and if I don’t check in by then, a Happy New Year, as well.

As an aside, not having internet access hasn’t been as terrible as I thought. Hah. I miss you all, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to catch up on all of the blog entries I’ve missed, but again, if there’s anything you want to let me know about, email me.

See you all later!

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