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Notes on life.

-Mostly moved in.  Some random stuff still needs to be gone through, and I still have some things at my dad’s house that I need to pick up (and transfer to the garage at my house), but we’re mostly good to go.  I will hopefully have internet tomorrow or Wednesday, and will have a fridge Wednesday afternoon (I’ll be damned if I’m going to go another week using my dorm fridge).  Have to move books from TB’s house (next week, of course).  Then I’m done.  Yay!

-I’ve started transporting my Springfield into the car when I go somewhere.  The other night when TB was at the house, we were walking in from the car when we heard 5 gunshots in rapid succession from somewhere in the neighborhood.  Last week, a walking mailman was attacked.  My street is okay (honestly, it is…it’s a great pocket in the middle of a bad area), but when I venture out, I need to be careful.  Now that the holidays are dying down and I’ve got a little time before school starts up again (in a week – ugh), I’m going to get my paperwork together and run down to the DMV.  This has gone on long enough.  I need my permit.

-Went to a friend’s wedding yesterday – I knew her in high school, we’ve kept in touch via Livejournal over the years, and while it’s been several years since I’ve seen her in person, she hasn’t changed a bit.  She looks so happy – I hope she has a wonderful marriage.  I saw someone else I went to high school with while at the wedding…I wasn’t friends with her, and in fact I wasn’t fond of her in high school, but she’s turned out to be an okay person.  I don’t know if it was just because I was the only person she knew at the reception, but conversation was pleasant.  I found myself having to be the one to keep it up, though, which is unusual.  Usually I have so many problems staying on track with people I’m talking to that they’re constantly having to prompt me to keep things going – this time it was me asking the questions and covering up the awkward silences.  Very odd.

-Jazz’s parents were at the house this past weekend, as I mentioned, and they were helping out a bit with household things.  Well, I say “they”, but it was really her dad.  He raked the front yard!  It was amazing!  Haha.  He put in some insulation in the attic, too – turns out there wasn’t any up there at all, which explains why the previous homeowner’s MLGW bill was so high.  Also, even though she KNEW there was no insulation, Jazz’s mom insisted on turning the heat up to 70.  70!!  Seriously, folks, that’s unnecessary.  I don’t care how cold it is outside – 65 is completely sufficient, and honestly, I would prefer 60, especially in light of the insulation issues.  If you’re cold, put on a damned sweater and some wool socks and deal with it.  You’re not paying the bill, so you have no reason to be futzing around with the thermostat.  We had a little bit of a lever-battle with the thermostat while they were here, and even after Jazz told her to leave it alone, she continued to turn it up.  Nice lady otherwise, but boy, am I glad to not have to deal with that anymore.

-The New Year’s party is tomorrow night, and I’ve been trying to get some stuff done with regards to cutting veggies, but I’m tellin’ ya, going to bed just 13 short hours ago really screwed with me.  I feel kind of ill.  Probably also because of being absolutely saturated in cigarette smoke – the karaoke bar is 21 and up, so they’re not subject to the smoking ban – particularly because their profits are from alcohol sales.  We bought nearly $700 worth of liquor and mixers, lots of snacky foods, and I will spend tomorrow making chicken salad croissants – those were a big hit last year.  I have a feeling we’re going to take a break from these parties in the future – there may not be a 2008-09 party.  I’m really okay with that.

-My short-term memory is getting worse.  I don’t know if it’s stress or what, but I have unfinished projects all over the house and everywhere else, and I can’t remember why they’re not done.  My brain’s become this slate that randomly wipes itself clean every so often, and I can remember what was going on after the fact, but during?  No chance in hell.  I have no idea what’s going on.  I feel stupid enough as it is without dealing with this, too.   Also, the Autism Solution Center was supposed to get in touch with me regarding Asperger’s screening, and they haven’t, yet.  I guess I’m going to have to drive my happy ass up there to get something done.

There are other things going on, but most of it is eclipsed with trying to get things settled at the house.  It’s really awkward right now.

I need to get these veggies done and get my butt back to the house – my sister wants to do laundry tonight (it’s a deal we worked out – she gives me her fridge, I let her do laundry free for a year – after that, I’m charging her a little bit to help pay for the utilities she uses), and it would probably be good if she could start it, oh, I dunno, before 9pm.

4 comments to Notes on life.

  • DaWankler

    Just an FYI, without a permit it’s just as illegal to carry it in your car as it is on your person in a ready state.

    Without a permit the only car carry allowed is clearly unloaded and in plain view or locked securely in a commercial gun case. It’s not even enough to keep it unloaded with a loaded magazine nearby, it should be impossible to reasonably load the weapon from the driver’s seat.

  • It being the change-of-the-year time, I imagine you’ve been drinking more than usual. That is a famously common cause for poor short-term memory.

    Occam’s Razor, y’know?

  • mez

    my short term memory is a shocker as well!

    happy new year. I think you’re a trooper to host a party!

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Dawankler – good to know. Especially since I keep forgetting it on my desk, anyway.

    Justthisguy – Actually, I don’t drink a lot. I’m such a lightweight that after 2 beers I’m to the point where I just have to go to bed, so I don’t bother. I’m betting that this is more stress-related than anything else.

    Mez – It’s such a royal pain in the ass! I can’t remember anything! Also, the party is hosted by TB’s friends, and they rent out this big place, provide booze, and have a deejay. It’s pretty nice. I just cut up the veggies and show up to talk to people. :-) I’m only *technically* a hostess…haha. Happy New Year!