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Awww…how sweet!

[updated:  Due to formatting issues, there are periods separating paragraphs.  Something happened when I copied text from their blog to screw the formatting, and I don't have time to fix it, so revel in my jerry-rigging for the time being.]

During my gun-blogging hiatus (basically, the past two years), I didn’t pay much attention to the folks who were linking to my blog, because I figured that, well, if someone wants to say something about me, it’s not like it’s nothing I haven’t already said about myself, so whatever.

Mikeb302000 and Jadegold have decided, as of June 2011, that I am not fit to carry a weapon, because I am a danger to myself and others.

Let us examine that, shall we?  (I’m not linking to the original post, because screw them, they’re not getting my traffic, but here’s the original text:)

She Has a CCW

squeakywheelseeksgreaseIt’s a long read and pretty tough slogging.  The bottomline [sic] is this is a person who has a smorgasbord of troubles–financial, employment, personal, health (physical and mental), etc.

Frankly, this is not a person who should be around firearms.  Not just for her own safety, but for others’.

She seems to be buddys [sic] with many gunbloggers; why aren’t they suggesting she give up the guns?

This was posted on June 10, 2011, should you want to go visit, yourself, and take a gander at the comments, which are, frankly, kind of hilarious.
I would just like to point out to Jadegold (the one who made the post, and who probably hasn’t visited this blog, since, which is fine by me) that I’ve said MULTIPLE times that I have absolutely no intention of ever using a gun to harm myself or anyone who isn’t threatening my life or safety.
I HAVE LYME DISEASE, you idiots.  I’m not retarded, I’m sick.
Jadegold, have you ever been sexually abused?  I had a gun on my nightstand while my ex-husband sexually abused me, within easy reach (for home invasion purposes).  Don’t you think that, with what you call my “mental troubles,” I would have used the gun either on him or myself while it was happening, were I to have that inclination?  Despite what little you may have read (and you really didn’t read much, I can tell), I was at my worst at that point, a year earlier, in my life.  If I didn’t use my gun, then, there’s no reason for me to use it, now.
Also, you seem to confuse having a CCW with a requirement to carry a gun – I don’t carry when I know my hands won’t work well enough to draw and fire.  I don’t carry where I’m not allowed, and my doctors’ offices fall under that umbrella.  Most of the places I’ve worked are either private homes where I respect the homeowner enough to not carry (I ask if unsure – if they say it’s okay, I will, but if they express concerns, I leave it locked up, elsewhere), or public libraries where it’s illegal to carry.
Having a gun, and having a CCW permit, is all about respect.  I respect the weapon, the tool, the knowledge, and the right.
You also seem to confuse “right” with “privilege.”  It’s a privilege to drive.  It’s a right to be able to defend my life.  I voluntarily concede that right when I know it’s not prudent, just as I will keep my mouth shut when opening it would do more harm than good, and I won’t drive if I’m overly-tired.  It’s called “thinking.”  You should try it, some time.
A gun happens to be the most efficient way for someone to defend themselves when they can’t move very quickly.  Would you rather I died if attacked?  Or get raped, again?  Because, honestly, despite what you may have gleaned from your poorly-summarized view of my blog (and me, as a result), I don’t want to die.  I suffer from depression and have had suicidal thoughts, but that’s not the same thing.  One is a wish for my life to end.  The other is a chemical reaction (serotonin- and norepinephrine-based), of which I’m aware, that affects my mood.  I’m doing much better, by the way, thanks for asking.  It turns out that hormone therapy is working, nicely.  But you don’t care about that…you just see “gun” and “depression” and think, “suicide,” because you have a completely ignorant agenda.
If I wanted to die, I have a cache of pharmaceuticals that would do the job quite nicely, without the mess of a gunshot (ew.  seriously?  no).  But my pills are to help, not harm, me.  My guns?  Are to help, not harm, me.
Gun ownership isn’t just a physical thing.  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s a mentality.  It’s a responsibility.  I would be doing not only myself a disservice, but EVERY SINGLE OTHER GUN OWNER would be affected by any transgressions made by me, with or without a firearm, because I’m registered to carry in the State of Tennessee.
Some of us DO think about others, and have concern for our fellow man.  I carry not only for me, but for those around me.  I take on a shitload of responsibility when I carry, and I only carry when I know I’m capable of handling that responsibility.
I see you don’t share this philosophy, since, when asked what you would recommend I do, you (Mikeb0302000) said, “I’m not all that concerned about her safety. Who said that. I’d just like to point out that ‘gun rights’ are not the answer for everyone.”  (By the way, your second sentence should have ended with a question mark, as it is an interrogatory statement.  It may seem petty of me to point it out, but so is your assumption of me based on a very limited pool of information.)
Were I to have the same thought process, I’d have this to say about you two pieces of work:  ”free speech rights” are not the answer for everyone.
Think of how many wars have been started by words.  Hitler massacred millions by the power of SPEECH, convincing those he spoke to that his way was THE way, and they listened.  Words are more powerful than weapons – weapons are just an efficient way to carry out some of the darker words.  (I figured I’d go ahead and pull out Godwin’s Law on this one, since you probably wouldn’t recognize any of the other strong speakers I would bring up as examples.)
I have been hurt more by words in my life than by actions – and I say this as someone who’s been sexually assaulted by a former spouse, and raped twice.  I’ve been abused, beaten, screamed at, and otherwise just dragged through hell, but someone delivering a scathing insult to my character has cut me more deeply than any physical injury I’ve ever suffered in my life.
Fortunately, you’re not insulting my character, you’re just a moron, so I feel fine.  I just wanted to point out, for my readers, that I have now been “inducted” into the wonderful world of trolling that is Mikeb302000 and Jadegold.
Awwwww.  I feel like a “real” gunblogger, now…and this happened when I wasn’t gun-blogging!  I feel all warm and fuzzy!
(Yes, there are a ton of categorizations on this post…it just fit too many for me to only limit it to two or three.)
They’re banned from commenting, because, well, I’ve seen the crap they pull on other blogs, and this is my little corner of the internet. Pests are not allowed.

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