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Also, I kind of love aspects of Memphis media.

Sure, they have their faults (most main-stream media outlets do), but The Main Street Journal is a catch-all conglomeration of all corners of the internet ’round these parts, and they’ve featured my blog posts several times without hyperbole.  They tell it like it is (*gasp* – I know, right?), and will link to folks they find interesting.  The fact that they find my particular corner of the internet interesting is flattering, because, well…sometimes I’m just not that interesting.

They also covered the mikeb kerfluffle (in their own way), linking to my blog in the following manner:

Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease: She’s restarted her blog just in time for her fifth blogiversary. She gets tired of idiotic commenters and takes action.

Yeah, that pretty much covers it.  Thanks, MSJ, for telling it like it is, without bias, and for paying attention.  When you’re a blogger who’s been through as much crap as I have, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who read your entries on an as-written basis and respond favorably.


4 comments to Also, I kind of love aspects of Memphis media.

  • Awesome. And a pretty good summary

  • You are too kind. It’s good to see you back and in fine form. I have some 200+ active blogs to watch and yours is on the shorter list of those whose posts I look forward to. :-)

    • See? Flattering! :-)
      I really appreciate the time you take to make up that section, and again, thank you (personally) for taking things at face value. I’m sure you know how rare that is in the blogosphere (having so many to read, yourself), and given some of the reactions to my blog that I’ve received, it’s really nice to know that there’s a major local media outlet that just says, “Here. Read this and draw your own conclusions.”