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Fugly? Functional.

Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks spoke with me about reviewing one of his holsters, the so-called “Fugly,” just as soon as I was able to ascertain which carry gun I would be testing with it.

I am REALLY looking forward to it, as I’ve had nothing but bad luck with holsters in the 5 years since I began shooting (and the four years I’ve been legally carrying).

While I’m going to have a period of time where I’m not going to be allowed to carry (because, in all of the confusion of moving and various other things, my permit renewal expires in 8 days, and the form is…somewhere…in the piles of mail that’s been gathered from three addresses over the past few months; I’ve requested another, it should come soon, and I should be back in the land of the gunnies in the next few weeks), when I AM able to carry, again, I’ll be working at a gun range where, while open carry isn’t discouraged at all by the staff, it will be interesting to see, with my shape, if anyone would be able to tell the difference on a day when I’d be carrying concealed with the Fugly holster.

Dennis pointed me toward a review of the holster by a fellow curvaceous female, and I’m heartened to see such a great review.  I don’t wear anything like tank tops or tighter clothing – those of you who’ve met me have seen pretty much how I dress all the time – so I’m not worried about the “little” printing…I’m worried about the butt of my gun making it look like I’ve broken a rib.  That’s the usual result I get from my Springfield (which you can see here, at the People of the Gun site…I’m in the 16th row, middle photo…that’s also when I was 60 pounds lighter), no matter what size I am.  Fat, thin, curvy, round…it doesn’t matter.  I always print in a big, bad way.

Anyway, this post is serving as both a self-reminder and a harbinger of things to come – I’m actually doing a review.  Of a holster.  Hot damn.

Also, regarding the title of the post…so many women I’ve met are concerned with carrying as far as functionality goes, but they want to “look good” while carrying.  I’d be happy with looking normal while carrying.  My holster doesn’t have to be emerald-green with intricate imprinting on the leather, as long as it can make my gun virtually disappear in my day-to-day clothing.  I know quite a few women (myself included) who purse-carry almost exclusively (which I hate doing) just because they can’t find a holster that fits the female form with the weapons we like to carry.  Revolvers are, strangely enough, pretty easy to conceal.  My PPK is decently easy to conceal, but I don’t have it, right now.  What are my choices?  A Makarov 9×18, and a Springfield XD-9.  Those aren’t exactly tiny guns, and I won’t carry a revolver because I have no faith in my ability to shoot it well when it counts, and when you’re ill…well, you have to take things like that into consideration.

I don’t care if it looks like a dog took a shit, someone stepped in it, and their shoe formed a vaguely gun-shaped mold.  If it’s hidden and comfortable, I’ll wear it.

On that note…goodnight!


2 comments to Fugly? Functional.

  • I’m anxious to read your thoughts. I am, obviously, rather spoiled when it comes to holsters. Hell, I had to tell the chiropractor that I was carrying before he did my adjustment and that was after he was visually checking me over for spinal alignment. We need more ladies talking about the specific concerns of the female body type when carrying. And that will take a lot of women because we are all shaped very differently.
    I’m not likely to be able to use the flash-bang or the Marilyn just due to being so much smaller there. You would certainly have a different experience there.

    • I really believe I could conceal my XD under my boobs. If I got one of their holsters to try, that’d certainly be the first thing I’d do…haha. You ARE rather spoiled when it comes to holsters. ;-)