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On cosplay, the female “ideal,” and being a douche.

TX Fellowship emailed me to ask me to reblog a post he recently made regarding a Black Widow cosplay fiasco.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

Male-run site (um, hello, the name is “guyism”) posts photos of “sub-par” Black Widow cosplay costumes, making fun of each photo in a demeaning way, either sexually or in a weight-related way.

Naturally, the shit hits the fan, as commenters go, “Um, you’re being a dick” to the author.

The author posts an apology…while continuing to say nasty things about some of the folks who’ve responded unfavorably to his original post.


Now, as a female with a build that’s less-than-ideal for 99% of mainstream media, I wouldn’t go out in public wearing a spandex or vinyl bodysuit, despite the fact that I’m a redhead (…which is pretty much the only characteristic I share with Black Widow, other than big boobs).  That’s not to say that women who are curvy shouldn’t feel free to dress up how they’d like for conventions.  If you think you look good, by all means – flaunt it, and have fun.

If you happen to see a female that you’re not attracted to wearing a tight costume, you don’t have to say anything about it.  People put their photos online, and they do so not to be mocked, but, especially in the case of cosplay, because doing so makes them feel powerful in a way that just posting a photo of yourself in  jeans and a tee shirt doesn’t.

If I were to cosplay as River Tam, obviously I’d be too fat, my hair’s the wrong color, I’m not all that graceful, any more, etc., but the embodiment of the character is grace, wisdom far beyond her years, and the scary ability to kick ass on command.  THAT is why I’d be wearing the costume – to put across THOSE aspects, not the fatness or the wrong hair color or whatever other criticisms may come my way.


Having said that, this guy was seriously just being a dick seemingly for the sake of being a dick.  The captions are unoriginal, irrelevant, sexist, and just…not funny.

His non-apology came with the caveat that “Oh, well, I did find some photos I DID like, so I’m hot saying that ALL cosplay is bad…”  Um, guy, girls don’t dress up like that just for you to spank it.  Most girls, I know, hope that at least SOMEONE will like their costume.  Not all of them are doing it for the sex factor.

For you to degrade a group of women like that…women who were out to have a good time with their friends, meet new ones, and feel like badasses when they might otherwise lead humdrum lives…is cowardly and a real dick move.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about it.

3 comments to On cosplay, the female “ideal,” and being a douche.

  • If you’re going to be red- be red.
    Those two black caterpillars tell everyone that you’re not-really….

    • THAT’S the kind of comment I’m talking about, Kurt. She bought a wig…it’s not a great one, but it gives her the required color of hair for the costume…and if she’s having enough fun to do what I understand is THE pose for Black Widow, who gives a shit if her eyebrows match? As an aside, dyeing your eyebrows is dangerous, and if you’re just going to a con for a weekend, there’s no point.

  • Thank you for helping to get this out there. On the forum, some of the member are wanting to find where this jerk lives and have a discussion with his kneecaps.